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June 11, 2013

Donna asks…

How much money does it coast for one person to live well during one year in Cracas,Venezuela ? Rent,food,etc?

For example, if I want to spend one year in a nice neighbourhood ( not ghettos ), in a 2 rooms apartement.
How much is the rent of the apartement?
How much is the gas for a car ?
How much is bus and metro tickets ?
How much is a menu in a normal restaurant ?
How much is the phone,internet,energy bills ?
How much is health bills ( doctor,etc) ?
How much money do I need for one month, for one year?

I am French, and I would like to spend several months in another country, to relax in a nice foreign city, and then come back to France…

Thank you in advance
Oh excuse me, I did a mistake on my keyboards.

I meant CARACAS, of course.

Administrator answers:

I would advise against it. Venezuela is a great country but is currently experiencing a lot of social and political problems. However, if you decide to go, first you will need a transit visa (visa transeunte) which is good for one year. You can get it at the Venezuelan consulate or embassy. You could go for I believe 60 days with a tourist visa but believe me, you will have problems converting it. As for how much money you will need, I would say rent would be about $400. Gas is almost free and the metro and buses are very cheap as well. If the apartment you rent doesn’t have a phone you probably won’t be able to get one. You can however get a prepaid cellular phone, however, while it is pretty cheap to text, using the phone probably costs about 25 to 50 cents a minute to make a call. Interestingly, it is free to receive calls, but the person calling you will have to pay about 50 to 75 cents a minute to call you. A normal restaurant? Any fast-food franchise like McDonald’s costs about $9 when it only costs $6 in the U.S. There are of course lots of inexpensive restaurants where you could eat for about $5, it depends on what you like. I believe internet access is about the same as in the states, maybe more. Around $30 to $50 a month. Other utilities are fairly cheap. As for health care, there are lots of free clinics for minor things. You would just have to buy whatever medicine they prescribe although sometimes even this is given out freely. On the other hand, if you want good medical care for something more serious, you will have to go to a private clinic which could cost $150 per day which is cheap compared to what you would be charged in the U.S. (Without health insurance). And for that $150 to $200 per day, you will be treated really well, compared to the regular hospitals which usually are understaffed and under-supplied. All in all I would guess about $1500 to $2000 per month to be comfortable and safe in Caracas. Another option is Merida or some of the other cities. You could live very nicely for $800 per month. I lived there for ten years so I know a lot about it. You should check out some of the venezuelan online newspapers like: el universal or check the classified ads. Another resource for you is the Alianza-Francesa. There was one in Merida. Perhaps, they have a webpage. Hope this helps.

Joseph asks…

Approximately how much do u need to own or buy an apartment complex buildings?

Hi everyone, this has been always my dream, my goal is I want to buy and own a whole apartment buildings, in other words for example like you find an apartment and you decided to rent to live in, but I want to own all the houses from that apartment. So about how much it would be to buy an apartment?

If you can tell me the average value is fine, and also if you know where on the website or any other places I could get for the information, please tell me to do so I would very glad them. Again, I need to as much information as possible on this business, because I think this is a great thing you can make money with your investment and plus I think this would be the only business I will do if I have the cash on my hand. I hope this idea work, if not then I will just find a good career like to be doctor, etc. just to work for a company or a corporation. Thank yo so much guys.

Administrator answers:

Cash rules. Save as much of it as you can. Although “no downpayment” deals between buyer and seller are touted by TV pitchmen trying to sell seats in seminars, in the real world, cash speaks volumes. There are no down payment deals out there but they are usually land contract or owner financed deals on distressed properties.

Property values and prices vary according to location, number of units, age, etc.. There will be fairly extensive listings in the classified ads of all local newspapers … Especially the weekend papers.

Good luck.

Jenny asks…

How long will it be until an apartment ad is taken off the market?

I am looking for a flat to rent and found an ad online for one that I am very interested in looking into. If it’s going to be 4 months before I plan on moving in, will that be a problem? Will it be taken off the market by then?

Administrator answers:

That’s like asking if tomorrow you’ll die.
It all depends on if someone rents it or not,
You could contact the owners and ask them to contact you if they get a renter between now and then, I’m sure they’d be glad to hear someone is interested in the near future. Heck they might even hold it for you.

Richard asks…

Is it rude to call about an apartment for rent on a Saturday?

If their craigslist ad was posted in the last few days.

Administrator answers:

If there is a number to call, call anytime 7 days per week during business day hours (9-5) unless they state otherwise. The landlord wants to rent their apartment. They will be happy to hear from you.

James asks…

Is it legal to raise the price of an apartment right before lease signing?

I was about to sign the lease to a 2BD apartment, but the owner raised the price of the rent by $100. The 2BD units in this apartment are all advertised as $2595 on the company website, but our lease stated the rent would be $2695. Is this legal? We haven’t signed the lease yet, and the only thing we’ve done was handing in $35 per tenant (4 people) as an application fee. Should I be able to get my app fee back if I decide not to take this apartment?

Administrator answers:

The lease price is the price and it seems fine for them to change it before you sign.


This business of the app fee makes me think a scam is afoot.

Imagine how much free cash they could pick by making people apply for the same property time and again.

So, theyve run the application process, presumably theyll run it again.

I would take a screen shot of the original ad, and a copy of the lease and make the argument to the agency that as far as youre concerned their misrepresentation is a scam and so as a result you want your app fees returned.

Tell them that failure of them hand over the cash will see you complain to the relevant professional body.

Hopefully, your little bit of leverage will work one way or the other.

And certainly, if this is the way they do business, you dont want to continue with them.

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