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June 25, 2013

William asks…

How much do you have to pay when living in an apartment BESIDES rent?

Like what else do you have to pay for? Water, electricity, etc.. Is there anything else? Like mortgage? How much is average a month for two people? Besides the rent.

Administrator answers:

Most apartments will include heat and water. Electricity and gas would be a separate utility bill that the tenant would be responsible for. An apartment with a gas stove would be cheaper to use than an electric. Most ads will say “h&w included”, but definitely ask to confirm which utilities are covered in your rent before signing a lease.

There is no mortgage if you are a renter. Mortgages are only paid when you own a place. However, your rent is probably paying the owner’s mortgage! ;-)

As for average rent, it depends on what area of country you are renting. Then it depends on which area in that area, ie. City, outside the city…then it would depend on which part of that area! Also the type of apartment (high rise with a doorman, walk-up with no elevator, how many bedrooms, etc.) you are renting can vastly change the rent.

Helen asks…

How do I find out what the apartment rental market is like where I live?

I live in British Columbia, Canada, and want to move soon to a new apartment. I’d like to know how tight the market is for people who want to rent a place in Vancouver, BC. What is the best place to go to find such information?

Administrator answers:

You can determine how tight the market is simply by looking at the real estate classified ads in your local newspaper. If there are a lot of ads you know the availability is high, but you might want to take a close look to see where the parts of town where the availability exists as it might be the lesser desired parts which would point out that the market is tighter in the preferred areas. The Sunday paper tends to be the best resource.

Lisa asks…

Is there a website that lists apartments that dont do credit checks?

My BF and I broke up and im stuck in a 2 bedroom $1300 rent I want to down size but dont know if I can cuz my credit isnt the best… Is there any site that I can look up my area and lists rentals that dont do a credit check or are willing to work with low scores?

Administrator answers:

Go to – that is the VERY BEST place to find an apartment. Search places being rented by owenr, and find a nice place where you can rent directly from the owner with no realtor fees.

I run all my ads for apartments on and while I do run credit checks, tons of my neighbors do not.

Steven asks…

Where can I find someone to sublease my apartment besides craigslist ad?

I have a job but hours have been cut back severely and I need someone to sublease my room, preferably a female due to the fact its a female only apartment. You would live with three other girls who are very nice and are students. I need to find someone ASAP. August rent has already been paid for so they would need to pay Feb-July. Please help..

Administrator answers:

You said students, so I assume you are near a college. If that is correct you could try any bulletin boards at the college.

Donald asks…

What are good businesses that will sponsor a school newspaper?

Hello, I am currently trying to call businesses that will be interested in putting ads in the University paper I work for, and am trying to get an idea what businesses I should target. Any ideas?

Administrator answers:

Restaurants near the university.

Clothing stores that target people in their twenties.

Possibly some clubs or bars in the area that try to focus on younger patrons, or live performances.

Radio stations that play current popular or alternative music.

Rent to own places.

Maybe some large apartment complexes nearby…especially at the start or end of the semester.

Used car dealerships.

Larger local churches.

The local military recruiting station.

Michael asks…

Where should i look for used appliances?

We are moving out of our present apartment, but our new place does not have a refrigerator. We need a refrig. only for 5 months as we’ll be leaving for another state after that. Should i buy a new one and sell it when we move or is it possible to find a refrigerator for temporary use?

Administrator answers:

Goodwill,, ebay (if it’s local of course!) newspaper ads, etc.

Otherwise, there are places like Rent-A-Center which will rent appliances. Don’t know about their prices though.

John asks…

What is a good website for real-estate in the Netherlands?

I am looking for an apartment or flat in the Amsterdam area. Does anyone know any website where I can check listings? I would prefer the language be in either English or Dutch.

Administrator answers:

The best site is – it’s only in Dutch but ok as you speak Dutch that’s not a problem.

There are different sections for places to rent & places to buy (but you will see that)

There are other sites such as Jaap but in my experience then they tend to have the same (but less) selection as what is already on Funda.

If you are looking for private rentals then you can also check out where people place ads for free as well.

Jenny asks…

What are the requirements to be a leasing agent?

I would like to take the steps to become a leasing agent for an apartment complex. Anytime I look for apartments the women in the office are super nice and they seem to enjoy their jobs. I don’t know I think it would be a good step in the right direction for me. Do they need a real estate license? or something else?
The requirements for nevada.

Administrator answers:

Just from looking online it seems that most ads for a position like that require you to have a Nevada real estate license. Go for it! It can be a great job and there are other perks that often come along with it like an apartment at a very reduced or free rent.

Mark asks…

My mother has bad credit, and wants me to cosign but I dont want to. How else can I help her?

I love my mother but I know if I cosigned or put an apartment under my name she could ruin my credit and I cant take that risk. She has banks/credit cards garnishing her wages and has no money to claim for bankrepcey. I want to help her without having my name dragged into it.
She needs me to co-sign because she is also a felon… In oregon you cannot rent if you are one.

Administrator answers:

You made a smart and hard choice not to cosign for her. What i would suggest is helping her look for private owners in ads or online in your area. Most private owners of apartments or houses do not do credit checks and would only ask that she show source of income and give a security deposit plus first months rent. If she cannot do this then she does not need to have her own place period. Another benefit is that private landlords can also do a month to month rental agreement rather than 6, 12 or 24 months.

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