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June 29, 2013

William asks…

How to rent an apartment in LA for 6 months?

We are two girls from Europe but we want to spent some time in LA . We can stay there for six months and it will be too much if we have to pay for a hotel. So can somebody tell me how rent a nice place in hollywood for only six months and without credit history . I accept any suggestions. Thanks

Administrator answers:

Definitely try

Here is the link to the housing section in Los Angeles

Hotels will most likely be way too much unless you stay somewhere trashy but you wouldn’t want to do that.

You can also post an ad on craigslist stating your situation and I’m sure there will be people willing to help you.

Paul asks…

Does anyone know of a good apartment locater or home realtor in Houston Texas near Meyerland or Bellaire?

I am trying to find a home in Houston but don’t know where to start. I am interested in buying a home, leasing a home or finding another apartment to rent but really don’t have anywhere to start. I just need to get out of where I live currently. I would prefer someone in the Meyerland/Bellaire area if possible. Any help would be wonderful!

Administrator answers:

I am a licensed Real Estate Agent in Houston, TX. I specialize in Apartment Locating. I can take basic information from you concerning location, size, price, rental history, and criminal background to put a list of properties together that exactly match what you are looking for. My compay has plenty of ads in the Greensheets, however I have access and information to every apartment in Greater Houston. My name is Brad and I am with Findit Apartment Locators. You can contact me via e-mail at or call me at (832)-387-0304. I look forward to helping you out. Furthermore this is a FREE service to you, I am paid by the management company of the property after you move in.

Sharon asks…

How much money does it usually cost to move?

How much does it cost to move out of your parents place into an apartment and to get furniture and everything to get started?

Administrator answers:

Well if you get friends to help you move, you won’t have to pay for movers (for whatever stuff you’re taking with you). If you don’t have friends and want to hire movers, they vary based on if they’re bondable or if they’re cheap Craigslist ads from people trying to pick up spare change.

As for furniture, if you buy used or from IKEA your costs will be lower than if you have fancy taste like Ethan Allen.

You will also need first month’s rent and a security deposit (some places require last month’s rent). You will also need to pay for utilities and also other bills like cable/internet etc if you want it (utilities if it’s not included in your rent price).

Carol asks…

How do you write a potential landlord when interested in an apartment?

I am searching for my first apartment. I am clueless with what I’m doing, lol.. I’m 24. There is one I am interested in, but have questions about it.. If they allow pets, how much $ they want up front, etc. How do I go about responding to the ad? (it’s on Craigslist). Can I ask to see the apartment? Thanks for advice!

Administrator answers:

Easier to call than write, and you will get a better response. Write down all the questions you have and ask them. The landlord wants to rent the unit just as much as you do. Make an appointment to see it if you like the answers to your questions, then they will have you fill out an application.

I use craigslist for most of my ads, but do watch out for any clues that the place does not belong to the person you are talking to. Don’t give money up front, except for a small ($10-30) background check fee. If you want the place but are not ready to move, it’s not unusual to be asked for the security deposit in order for them to hold the apartment for you. Meet the landlord or property manager in person and know who you are dealing with. A good landlord will give you a copy of the lease so you can read it over before you sign it.

Michael asks…

What are good websites for apartment searching?

Hi everyone. I am in the process of finding a new apartment.

However, I am having trouble finding reliable websites for apartment searching.

If you have good references, please give me the apartment website(s).

Thanks everyone!

Administrator answers:

I need to know where you are so i will give you some that may help

And i could go on here is the google search link i used

Donald asks…

Is it legal to offer lower rent units to new residents only?

I live in an overpriced one-bedroom apartment where my monthly rent now greatly exceeds the market rate. The owner (a large company) is now listing one-bedroom apartments in my complex for $200 less monthly rent than I’m paying.

The owner is advertisting the “special rate” for new residents only. I’m going to try and re-negotiate regardless of what these ads say, but I want to know if it’s legal for the owner to limit the units with the special rate to new residents.

Administrator answers:

It is his rental… If he can find somebody willing to pay for it he can charge whatever he wants.

If the rental market is lower right now then he will have to lower the rent on open units to fill them.

Just when you signed up for cable and got a good deal at $49.95 it is absolutely legal for the cable company to advertise a new deal at $19.95 a year later to any new accounts. You won’t be able to get that deal because it is for new accounts.

What you can do is what you already plan on doing.
Re-negotiate with your landlord for a lower monthly rent. Chances are he will go along because otherwise… You could just move out and find a cheaper place and he would have to offer your place at the current lower rent if he wants to find a renter.
If you are on a lease… You won’t be able to negotiate until your lease is up. Both parties agreed to the monthly rent when they signed a lease agreement. Sometimes it backfires…

Daniel asks…

can I start up a small internet business in my small Boston apartment?

I’m just creating an interactive blog with amazon and google ads. I live in the back bay area and I rent my apartment. It would just be me and my roommate. Do i need zoning stuff?

Administrator answers:

No. Only business that sees customers on the premise and/or sell physical product require licensing. Writing does not require any license.

John asks…

How is street parking in Inner Richmond SF?

I am planning to move to a new apartment in Inner Richmond at Geary and 11th. Does anyone know how street parking is there? Are there any garages around?

Administrator answers:

On-street parking in that area is very, very difficult, however, you may be able to rent a spot in a garage by looking at the ads in the local newspaper. Good luck!

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