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July 6, 2013

Michael asks…

Where does one get a job as an apartment manager ?

Where does one get a job as an apartment manager ?
Is it true that they get free or discounted rent ?
In Los Angeles ~ is there an agency ?
What is the general description of their responsibilities ?

Administrator answers:

Check the want ads.

The scope of the job could vary to include collecting rent, showing vacant apartments, overseeing common area maintenance, taking complaints, minor repairs, etc.

Generally the pay isn’t so good but you do get free rent. Of course, if you quit or are fired, you have to vacate immediately.

Joseph asks…

What are the best streets to live on in silverlake?

I’m looking to move to LA for August to take classes at UCLA for 5 weeks (which meet only twice a week). I’m a young 20-something female, and my friends recommended silverlake. I’ll probably rent a car for the month. What are the best areas in silverlake for housing? I’m from NYC and am used to busy streets and 24 hour convenient stores. I want to live in an area that is clean, safe, and fun. Please help.


Administrator answers:

It’s going to be tough to find a nice rental in Silverlake for 5 weeks. It’s an older area, not too many large apartment buildings that do short term rentals, if any. Mostly, the nice, safer, areas of Silverlake are all houses, with a few condos, duplexes and triplexes. Any nice apartment is very likely to have a year lease, unless you can find a sublet. Silverlake has some rough neighborhoods, and sometimes you’ll see ads that say Silverlake but they will actually be in a rougher area. Silverlake isn’t all that safe even in the most expensive neighborhoods, typical for much of LA, but you just have to be careful and you’ll be fine.

Los Feliz, East Hollywood area right next to Los Feliz, are other options, but again, it’s going to be difficult to find a short term lease.

It might be a lot easier to find a temporary apartment in Westwood (Los Angeles 90024) near UCLA. While there isn’t the empty summer apartment situation you find in other *college* towns, there is some. There is also summer housing at UCLA. The westside has more nightlife and businesses open later.

UCLA Housing, click on Summer Housing if UCLA student, Public Housing if UCLA student or not:

Craigslist has sublets, but you want to be very very careful to make sure you aren’t scammed:

There is temporary furnished housing (corporate apartments), but it generally costs about $130+ a night in the nicer areas, maybe $90 – $120 in the less nice areas.

Safety info: Click on Map, and Safety.

Good luck!

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