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July 17, 2013

Thomas asks…

How expensive is it to live in England? What if you share an apartment?

I reallly want to move to London, or anywhere in England, for a couple of years after i finish college. How expensive would this be compared to living in america? Do people post ads looking for roomates? How would i go about finding this people, or just go about moving to England in the first place!

Thx 4 your time,

Administrator answers:

It is so expensive that if you are not rich, you will absolutely need to find some people to rent a flat with them. Alone it will be really difficult to get the needed money.

You find them reading the classified ads.

Lizzie asks…

How to write requirements of a classified website?

I am gathering requirements to create a classified website which includes searching and posting a JOB,Apartment , House and Car Renting/Salling. How do i start …

Administrator answers:

A good place to start would be to look at existing classifieds websites, and then do a little market research about what people like-dislike about these sites and then take this into consideration.

Next you’re going to have to look at how people are going to place classifieds on the site. You’ll need to spec out the registration process and any payment methods the user will need if you are expecting people to pay to post their ads on your site. You’ll also need the ability for people to create their listings adding in images & text etc, modify their listings, cancel, or relist etc.

The next thing you’ll need to looks at is the website itself. You’ll need to put together a clean look and feel for the site. It will need to be categorised, so these will need to be determined in advance. You’ll also need to consider search parameters for the site. Will it be keyword only, or a more detailed search for Cars etc where you can select the Model / year, or for Apartments where the user can select the Suburb/Max rent etc.

You’ll also need to consider how people will then be able to contact the seller. Will you be displaying their contact details directly on the page, or will someone have to register to be able to get in touch with the seller.

Then you’ll need to look into marketing your site. How are people going to find it? Word of mouth? Advertising etc

Hope this helps.

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