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July 19, 2013

Maria asks…

what are some good FREE ways to advertise my apartment in Nashville that I’m trying to sublease?

I’ve already posted several ads w/ pictures on craigslist, backpage,, etc. and put up flyers around town as well as in the lobby of my apartment building, and I don’t want to pay the nearly $150 fee to post a classifieds ad in the newspaper. Any other free suggestions?

Administrator answers:

>>Hey this is the easiest way to advertise your website or homepage for free


u see nothing is actually so free
but this is too simple

Say thanks

Betty asks…

How can I found an apartment to rent in Manhattan without paying a broker fee?

When I search on craigslist it seems to be that everyone is a broker or trying to charge a fee.

Administrator answers:

If you already live in the City (or real close) you’ve got a chance…if your relocating from outside the area…I got be honest…it’s a long shot. It’s hard EVEN W/ A BROKER!!!

If you’re in the City…you gotta network like crazy…ask everyone you know, put your own ad on CL, put posters up in coffee shops, pizza places, etc. Also look in places other the CL…try the Voice, the Post, the Times, the Daily News…

If you’re relocating you may want to consider a roommate situation (where they already have the apartment) until you get settled and can find your own place.

Lastly don’t be afraid to work w/ a broker…ask questions…look at some rentals…learn what you can. Some brokers will allow for a bit of negotiation regarding their fees… This will only work if you make good money (150+K) …have a strong rental history and impeccable credit…in other words…if you don’t need a broker.

It’s worth every bit of effort you will put into it…NYC’s the place to be!! Happy Hunting!!

Steven asks…

What is the best site for Plane tickets and a hotel?

Alright, I haven’t been on a plane since I was about 7, (I’m 20 now), and am looking to take a little vacation down to Florida sometime next year. What is the best site for tickets and a hotel? I’ve seen ads for cheaptickets, travelocity, price line negotiator, but which is the best? Or should I just get a travel agent? Also, what are some good, cheaper, hotels in/near Miami?

Administrator answers: and are the best for hotel deals in Miami (look for something on ocean ave if you are heading to south beach which i TOTALLY recommend). Another good place in sobe is if you are traveling with 3+ people because it works out cheaper to rent an apartment!!! Check it out! has great package deals also… I just found a 3 night stay for 2 for $298 pp including air!!!!

Depending on where you are coming from Southwest usually has the best deals to florida. Also I usually find better deals on the websites then on the discount sites (those flights are usually horrible times). I have also found good rates doing 2 one way tickets (possibly using different carriers). For example, I just went to Miami and found $79 southwest down and $69 usa3000 home.

Good Luck and have fun in Miami!!

Daniel asks…

how can i raise rent/evict on a tenant in a los angeles property im buying?

I know, Im evil. But im thinking about buying a duplex in Los Angeles, CA that has a unit with a renter in it. I know that in CA, the tenant has all the rights. But, would I have any? Do i renegotiate the rental agreeement? Or does that tenant simply get to rent my apartment as long as he or she wants ad infinitum? Any ideas? Do they give me a deposit?

Administrator answers:

If the unit is rent control, stay far away you will never get them out, you will not be able to materially alter the lease,

Sandra asks…

Im moving and I cant find a good website to find a apartment? Suggestion?

Im moving to decatur because im trying to go to decatur high school. I need the zip code to be in 30030. The price range has to be nothing over 700. For the apartment I would like it to be 2bed and 2bath.
My mom and I are moving in together im not moving in by myself.

Administrator answers:

1. You need to be 18 to rent an apartment
2. A landlord will request to see tax returns showing your income along with your last paystub.
3. A landlord will also check your credit history
4. Most landlords will require at least 6 months of full time employment.
5. Some require you to be 21 or 25, or you have to have a co-signer

Look in the classifed ads for that city (through their online newspaper)
Why do I like this better than Craigslist? Older people tend to advertise in newspapers and they are not as aware of inflation and higher prices – you’ll get the better rent rates

David asks…

Where do I go to place an Ad to rent an apartment in Fort Myers, FL?

Looking to rent a 2 bedroom/1 or 2 bath apartment in Naples, Bonita Springs, Estero or Fort Myers for about $700 a month. Ground Floor. Move in 7/30/2013. 6 – 12 months. Have inside CAT.

Administrator answers:

Google the local paper and look for ads or place an ad.
Also try

Ken asks…

Any advice on getting a house to rent in Wisconsin?

We are looking for a house to rent in Waukesha County.
We current have unsafe water at our rental apartment due to coliform bacteria in the well.
The landlord will not cooperate.
We are a responsible couple with one child and 2 well trained pets. We would be willing to provide maintenance and repairs for any home and/or property.
We just need good water. Anyone have any ideas on the best way to accomplish this?
We DO NOT drink the water, we buy bottled water. We boil water for dishwashing. Bathing is a problem, can’t afford to use bottled water, boiling for bath takes forever and is cold by the time the tub is full. Because the well serves less than 25 people, the standards are much less strict than for community water supplies.
that web address: , was an exercise in frustration – absolutely nothing but the same words on every page and no listings at all! There are many other good websites with current listings, I found some yesterday.

Administrator answers:

Personally, I’d stress to the landlord how drinking unsafe water would bring big problems to all involved, including a lawsuit.
Buy water at the store.
Get a newspaper from that county and look in the want ads for rentals.

Sharon asks…

What should be the maximum I pay for an apartment?

So I’ve had a job that makes 98K a year, for around a year now

currently I live in my parents house and ive lived in the house for a year since graduating. I dont pay any rent and for the most part, i dont pay for my food.

I feel its time to move out. I currently live in florida, and my job is in miami.

currently my bills consist of a
250/month motorcycle payment
350/month jet ski payment
100/month phone bill
145/month health insurance
80/month motorcycle insurance

No car, just two motorcycles, one is paid off.

I was looking at paying 1200 a month for rent
is this a good idea?

Administrator answers:

You won’t even find an efficiency apartment in California for that low. In the Midwest you can find it easy. Miami….. You have to look at what the ads are in the paper.

Anyone making 98k a year should have no issues. Food (if you don’t eat out) will run you $200 a month. Gas/electric depends on what you have plugged in. You may need to pay for parking, some places charge for the space. You may need to purchase appliances (stove, fridge) and furniture if the place comes bare empty.

James asks…

moving to Amsterdam for the year and will need to find an apartment—any suggestions on where to look?

I have heard it is diffucult to find apartments–how long does it typically take to find an apartment? What is the typical price range? What are the options of where to stay until I find something?

Administrator answers:

You may well struggle to find an apartment for 1 year or less without employing the services of an agency (expensive, but at least you can be sure that it will be in a decent area if you request it, otherwise you could end up anywhere if you do not know the place)

It is expensive whatever you want (relative to the size), but of course depends if you want an apartment to yourself or if you are prepared to share a house (with a bedroom for yourself and shared kitchen/bathroom).

Also take care for “cheap” prices – there is bound to be a catch e.g. Dodgey area

Here are some links for your to search for an accomodation yourself (Dutch) or (English) (Dutch, fill in Amsterdam in “Locatie” and press “Zoeken” to find available rental places)
Huur is “rent” Then on the right hand side click the options:
- “Gemeubileerd” which means furnished
- “Appartement”- meaning apartment (of course!)
- “Aantal kamers” means how many rooms which you can choose if you want
- “Woonoppervlakte”- means living space in square meters (Dutch),agencies.html – Expat site in English

Private ads

You can also check out agencies. Here is the link to the English version of the yellow pages where you can search

Hopefully this gives you a good starting point

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