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August 4, 2012

Nancy asks…

Rental Business – apartment for rent – Posting ad in backyard?

Hi, I am a landlord. I have a vacant unit in a 4-plex. I have a really basic question: i want to post an ad on the window of the apartment or backyard. how do you do that? do I need any permission? (well I am guessing not as it is my backyard) WHERE can I purchase the poster and frame? where physically is the best place to put it within the backyard (backyard is facing a street too). how technically do i connect it to the ground? I am in Canada. THANKS.

Administrator answers:

Call city hall first. Some cities have ordinances regulating how big a sign can be and where it is posted.

Go to the Dollar Tree, they have professionally made For Rent signs about 18 inches tall and 24 inches wide for $1 each. Set one in any window of the apt. That can be seen from the street.

Mark asks…

i need an apartment for rent in baguio city…?

sites/ads/flyers/etc. apartment for rent in/near baguio city.
room for 1 person w/ bath & cable tv and everything essential but it doesnt need to be a really big apartment must be cheap & affordable.

Administrator answers:

Try to find a copy of “Midland Courier” (baguio’s newspaper) and try to look for an apartment in the classifieds section. That’s how i found an apartment when i was residing in baguio

good luck!

Steven asks…

whats the best way to find an apartment for rent?

the only ways i can think of is or newspaper ads

what is ur suggestion?

first time renter here so any tips or advice u have that is relevant to renting an apartment im all ears!!

ive lived in apartments before but my bf paid the rent so i never had to worry about that

Administrator answers:

Go to fill in the information that you are needing.

Maria asks…

If I find an apartment for rent in the paper,listed by a realtor do I have to pay a realtor fee?

I am just unclear as to who pays the realtor fee.Me,responding to the ad or the person who is renting the apartment(or both)?Thank you for your time.
The state I am looking in is NJ

Administrator answers:

Usually it is the person who listed it for rent with the Realtor. Sometimes the property owner will pass this expense to the Renter. It all depends of the rental agreement between the property owner and the Realtor. If you are interested, call the Realtor and ask him what fees would be involved before seeing the property.You can always ask the property owner to pay the fee in your rental agreement and if he won’t don’t rent it!

Chris asks…

I keep running into apartments for rent that seem too cheap on Craigslist. Are these fake ads?

They usually have no phone #, what do they have to gain by doing this. A friend said that they ask for $ from out of town people as a deposit before they actually see the property.

Administrator answers:

Yeah, there are lots of scams on craigslist. Some areas have people who flag the spam, like here, but others do not.

The “deposit” to receive keys is a common version.

Betty asks…

Can anyone tell me how to rent an apartment/condo for just 2 nights in NYC and have it not me a scam? Any usef?

Can anyone tell me how to rent an apartment/condo for just 2 nights in NYC and have it not me a scam? Any useful websites? ANy help at all? I just need to stay 2 nights in NYC and see so many ads on Craig’s List and they seem shaky.
ANy help would be so great!
Thank you!

Administrator answers:

You would be much better off getting a hotel room for two nights. I would be very suspicious of an apartment or condo that would rent for only 2 nights.

Ken asks…

Do apartment agentssalespeople REALLY try to rent apartments without knowing the SQ FT? Or is this balogney?

I’m in San Diego, and the housing situation out here is just not good.

I’m looking around, and noticing that most places don’t list their square footage for the apartment in the ad, which seems very relevant for most potential renters. But, most of them will tell you via e-mail.

A couple of salespeople have claimed that it’s ‘unusual’ for them to have the sq ft information… And it sounds like a fib to me.

Anyone work with real estate or apartmentcondo sales, that can verify whether there’s any truth to this?
Perhaps it is different in other areas, but here in San Diego, the issue is that you frankly can’t tell, based on price, how large these rooms are. I’ve seen places where the bedroom was twice the size of the living room, and the entire place was under 400sq ft. It’s ridiculous.

Is there some other method of measurement to use, rather than having to drive all over town on appointments finding that most of them are overpriced apartments?

Administrator answers:

With commercial space the sq ft-age is a given, but not with residential. Often they work with the numbers they’re given, if any. They don’t seem to measure them up for apartment rentals on their own.

Daniel asks…

How can I go about finding a sublet apartment to rent in Detroit?

I need a place to live for just 3 months in southfield detroit. Is there any website I can look for a sublet, or just put up an ad saying what I need?

Administrator answers:

A person that wanted to sublet an apartment would just run an ad under apartments for rent. Most landlords don’t allow sublets unless it is a friend or relative of the current tenant. A person that wants to get out of a lease usually will just leave and forfeit their deposit. People that rent apartments want tenants to stay more than 3 months. If you want short term like that you should be looking at renting in a motel. Most of the lower end motels will rent small apartments by the week at reasonable rent.

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