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August 16, 2013

Susan asks…

Can anyone in living in central florida tell me How the job situation is?

Ad how the wages are? is it possible to find a job paying $13.00 or possibly more an hour? what are good paying jobs in florida?

Administrator answers:

Unless you can afford the 850-1250 a month rent for a 1 bedroom apartment in a relatively safe area, then the job situation is not good unless you don’t mind living with a lot of roommates.

Everything has gone Condo here and it is literally impossible to find decent apartments unless you’re willing to live 30-60 minutes outside of the city.

Disney employees have to live an hour or more away with 3-4 room mates in order to survive, if you can call it that.

Average Wage out here is probably 10-11 dollars an hour with some college. With no college it’s probably 7-8 A construction worker might make 11-13 an hour. An apprentice electrician, etc.

Thomas asks…

Best way to find rooms to rent with students?

I turn 23 next month and want to move out of my familys house due to all of the negativity that goes on. I’m a college student and wanted to know where I can found roomates like myself who I could share apartments with. I live along the borderline of westchester county and the bronx and money is a major issue so I would prefer paying no more than $500. Any advice?

Administrator answers:

Contact the admin office at the school. They may have some kind of service where they help students find accommodations. Also, look on your local Craigslist and in newspapers for roommate ads.

Sandra asks…

I want to rent an apartment at 1074 Willmohr St, NY 11212. How can I find the phone # to check for vacancy?

If i’m really specific about the address I want to live at, how can I find the superintendent or owner of the building in order to get an apartment there?

I live very far away, obviously, otherwise I would just walk there and ask. It’s not possible for me to just go there.

Administrator answers:

Go there and ask the apt. Manager if there are any vacancies, or see if they have any apt. For rent
ads in the news paper. Or go down to the county assessors office and look up the address and see who owns it.

Lisa asks…

what do you ask when renting an apartment?

I’m currently looking for an aparment to stay in for college. I won’t be meeting with anybody yet because the city is about 3 and half hours away so I’m just calling about ads I see in the paper.
I know I should ask about rent and utilities, a security deposit and stuff like that. But are there any other major questions I should ask right away on the phone?

Administrator answers:

Ask if they require a co-signer for someone with no rental history. If you’re a student, chances are you have never rented a place before, and you’ll either have to pay a big security deposit OR get your parents to co-sign the lease.
Ask what (if any) utilities are included. Very few places even include water anymore. NONE that I’ve ever seen include electricity. Keep this in mind when you’re figuring up your entire monthly budget: Water, cable, internet, lights (and gas, if necessary) are things YOU are responsible for.
Ask if there is an on-site laundry room. Offsite laundromats are awful places. I prefer a washer and dryer connection IN the apartment so I have my own machines — but for you, try to find a place with an onsite laundry room. It’s usually access-restricted — which means only residents of that particular apartment complex have a key to get into it.

If you plan on having roommates, make SURE you can trust the people you plan on living with. IF you rent a place with three other people, and two of them won’t pay their share, you STILL owe the entire month’s rent, no matter WHAT kind of arrangements you have with roommates. Landlords don’t care how it’s split, just so it’s paid in full at the due time.

George asks…

How to find a studio for rent in Manila / Cebu?

i’m planning to go to the Philippines next month and i’d like to rent a studio with kitchen on a monthly basis.
where should one start looking for ? newspaper ads, internet or real estate agents ?
and what are the prices in general for a one bedroom apartment with AC, internet, bathroom and kitchen ? and is a deposit required ?

and since Manila is huge, which part would you suggest to stay at and why.
same for Cebu, where would you suggest staying ?

thank you in advance for any useful information :)
thanks everybody :)

Administrator answers:

Don’t waste your time with Craigslist, it’s delusions. All the adverts is unproportioned with the country’s status. It’s the same price and more expensive than the states or europe. Really, those who wants to let their apartments were people who wants to be a millionaire within 24 hours. The country hasn’t got the reputation to let their out priced apartment when the vicinity is a right wrecked. Dirty, everywhere, polluted air, and stinking vicinity.

Chris asks…

How does renting an apartment work?

so if the ad says ” 300 per week for a 2 bedroom apartment” does that mean the two people staying there pay 150 each?


Administrator answers:

There will also be some sort of application fee, a security deposit usually equal to the amount of rent for one month, then they will often want 2 months’ rent in advance. Yes, it would be $150 each per month assuming that both of you are on the lease as equal partners. You cannot sneak anyone in. Company cannot stay indefinitely, either.

You do sign a contract that is absolutely binding. You cannot get out of it for any reason. So if you loose your job, you still have to pay.

What usually happens is that one person will move out unexpectedly, sticking the other with the whole amount of rent.

Daniel asks…

Does anyone know of any sites with apartment listing?

I live in Jamaica, NY and have been using Craigslist for months trying to find an apartment but, I haven’t had any luck. I’ve responded to several listings posted on Craigslist and no one replied back. I’ve also tried the newspapers. No luck there, either. Does anyone know of any sites were ppl post ads for available apartments? Thanks.

Administrator answers:

Craigslist tend to be individuals who are sub-leasing or looking for roommates. If you want to rent from the actual community you can try

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