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September 23, 2012

David asks…

Where can I advertise my apartment for rent during the Ryder Cup for free?

The Ryder cup is near my town in September and a lot of people are renting out their homes to people needing a place to stay for the event. I’m looking to do the same and have already put an ad on I’m also going to put it on ebay.

Where else can I advertise for free, specifically for people going to the event?

Administrator answers:

Look if you are going to get a good rental so why not invest a little of that on advertising it then ,, Still make a handsome profit , more chance of getting a good tenant . Do it on the cheap and miss out

Donald asks…

What if an apartment has lowered the rent a month after you move in?

When the manager rented the apartment to me it was $1140 now they are running ads for the same apartment for $1090!

Administrator answers:

It’s no different than if you buy a condo and a week later an identical unit in the same building is being sold for cheaper.

Richard asks…

are there any other FREE websites like CRAIGSLIST for posting ads to rent out apartments???

Administrator answers:

Many areas have free classified ad sites, but I don’t know if anything is more well traveled than Craigslist.

Joseph asks…

Rental Business – Posting ad in backyard or apartment window (not website) – apartment for rent?

Hi, I am a landlord. I have a vacant unit in a 4-plex. I have a really basic question: i want to post an ad on the window of the apartment or backyard. how do you do that? do I need any permission? (well I am guessing not as it is my backyard) where do I purchase the poster and frame? where physically is the best place to put it within the backyard facing a street too. and how technically do i connect it to the ground? I am in Canada. THANKS.

Administrator answers:

Yep. . .I get mine at Walmart and they are weatherproof with a place to write your number. Write the number as big as possible. You want to place it in the most prominent place. I get a lot of tenants that are just driving through because it is such a nice neighborhood or someone tells someone. I stick mine in the second story window but found out it works better when I just put it on the tree out front. . .more noticeable. I’ve never even considered asking permission, I just do it. I then put a recording on my phone that gives a small description without the exact address(also advertise in local paper) because I don’t want to advertise that no one is in the apartment. I also state that they need to make an appointment to see the apartment and please don’t bother the other tenants, they do not have keys. It is an interesting fact too that applicants that go bother the tenants anyway usually are the ones that break leases and that I have trouble with so guess what. . .I don’t rent to them any more. If you need to make a sign, I would just go to a place that has lumber and buy a piece of wood to stick in the ground and another square piece to nail to it to hold the sign you bought at WM and a can of spray paint to make it look nicer and then hammer it into the ground. Keep all signs on your property and here you cannot nail to a telephone pole or anything of the like because it belongs to someone else. And here, no one can say anything about a for rent sign as long as it is on your property. Good luck.

Steven asks…

What does a garden level apartment mean in an ad for rent?

Administrator answers:

Its the basement level, the entrance is below the sidwalk, or on the side of the house.

Helen asks…

Hi, me and my boyfriend would like to sub rent an apartment in New York for the holydays season?

Hi , we are a young couple from Europe and would like so much to spend the Winter Holydays in New York.Please give me your best suggestions where should I look for ads.If it s not againts Yahoo rules i am waiting for your offers as well.

Thank you

Administrator answers:

I would do a search on any search engine to see if you can find a flat or rental in NYC… should be able to find some companies that do that.

This is what I found doing a search on Google for New York City Holiday Rentals:


Or, if you want to, you can do a search on
and then find the state (New York)
and the city (New York)
and you should get this website address:

Go to housing (second column at top) and then click on sublets/temporary.

Found this for $100/night (only available 12/15 to 12/25):

This for $200/night (or $1000/wk) – available 12/22 to 1/1:

This for $199/night:

This for $90/day (1 wk minimum; available 12/20 to 1/7):

Thomas asks…

Are “one month free” ads for apartments a scam?

For example and ad can say rent is $915 per month. Then further down it says rent is really $1000 per month but one month per year is free for the first year.

To me that means market rate rent for that apartment is $915 per month. The landlord wants a way to automatically increase the rent for the next year by 9% which would be far above what any rent controlled increase would be, not to mention that rents almost never go up 9% a year without rent control.

Administrator answers:

You can comfirm your hypothesis by confirming what other nearby similar apartments go for.

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