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October 11, 2012

David asks…

Is it illegal to rent out a basement apartment in massachusetts?

I saw an ad for a basement apartment which sounded really good, but then someone told me that it’s illegal to rent out a basement apartment in ma. Is this true?

Administrator answers:

If it is legal it will have a Certificate of Occupancy issued by the state. Basement apartments are legal if they meet the state requirements for occupancy.

Sharon asks…

Info on nice areas to rent an apartment in Toledo OH? Thanks!?

My 23 yr old son and his girlfriend are moving to Toledo for grad school this summer. Looking for a safe, interesting neighborhood for a young intelligent couple. We’ve looked at the “for rentads in the Toledo paper but we need information on what areas are safe, and also on ones they might want to avoid. Also any useful information about the area in general. Thanks in advance for your help!

Administrator answers:

Any of the apartment many complex around the university would be affordable and pretty safe. Most are not exactly luxury but they are designed to be affordable student living apartments. Off the top of my head there is University Hills, Campus View,Campus Village, University Circle, Olde Towne are some I know around UT. Olde Towne is actually on of the very nice one right by campus. It has many amenities, but I hear is kind of pricey. Other good apartment complexs are west of campus down Dorr Street, such as Giant Oaks, Country View and many more in the Dorr/McCord area. There are also many homes that are frequently rented to students just east and south of campus in the Roosevelt and Montebello or the Brookley and Inverness area. Those neighbourhoods are pretty good areas to live near campus too. Areas to avoid is south east Toledo. Anything along and in the area of South Ave between Detroit and I-75. Overall Toledo is not bad. I decided to stay here after graduation. There actually is quite a bit to do here. I could go on and on but that will get you started. Hope this helps

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