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October 31, 2012

Laura asks…

What does it mean to “rent a condo”?

This is my first time looking for an apartment. A lot of ads advertise “Rent a Condo” for x amount of dollars. Exactly what does this mean. Is it the same as renting a house or an apartment? Exactly what is the main difference between renting a condo and renting an apartment? Can you actually rent a condo for that matter (because I thought it was like an apartment style “town home” that rich people buy. Please explain with as much details as possible.

Administrator answers:

A condo isn’t what rich people buy, condos are not that expensive, depending on where you live, but some can be. It is just renting it from the owner of the condo. So say there is a condo complex and there are all individual owners and one was renting it out, you would be renting from that person instead of from a management company like apartment complexes are.

Linda asks…

i would like to rent out an apartment space on Facebook and on myspace how do i go about doing this?

i have a place for rent i have all the details just want to be able to post it on Facebook and myspace in a way so that people who are looking for a place see my ad put up and are able to answer to it so that i can get my place rented out, im not looking for a way to post it on my feeds i wanna post it in a public forum so that everybody including people who are not my friends and just looking for an apartment can answer. please provide details on how to do this, itd be very appreciated thank you soo much. Also if you have detailed information on how to post ads for apartment spaces on any other website please share, thank you very much

Administrator answers:

Go onto facebook and you can post on facebook marketplace. There should be like a newspaper icon at the bottom of your FB and you can post it there. Anyone can view it, not just your friends.

Also, i would post on Craigslist. A lot of people look for rentals there and it is free!

Richard asks…

What is the best online site to post a room for rent ad in English for a Jerusalem apartment?

The apartment is in Ramot Alon.

Administrator answers:


Ruth asks…

is it a bad idea to rent my apartment out to someone I know?

I’m moving out soon (getting a house) and will be renting out my apartment. the plan was to go through the agent to get a renter for safety. The thing is- if the renter is not qualified and doesn’t pay rent on time or whatever then basically we are screwed. There is no way we can afford a mortgage and the maintenance fee of the apartment.

My fiancee’ wants to or actually he did put an ad for the apartment on his facebook but I just thought it was a bad idea to rent it out to someone you know. I personally think that when you rent to a friend they take advantage.

Am I overreacting or over-thinking this? I just worry because I was a simple transaction but fear that won’t happen if we rent to one of his friends.

Administrator answers:

Friends, family and finances are like oil and water, they don’t mix well together.

Before you rent your apartment you should check and see if you are allowed to sub-let your rental unit. In some cases sub-letting is not allowed.

For tax and legal matters you should consult with your tax consultant and attorney.

I hope this has been of some benefit to you, good luck.


Donald asks…

i live in florida and want to rent an apartment in south carolina. need help from a realtor?

free raltor service. I do not have access to south carolina phone books or classified ads. I have problem with credit and will not be approved…searching for private rentals

Administrator answers:

What part of SC, i work for an RE office there

Mary asks…

How well does it work out for renters to share an apartment or house?

I always wondered about people looking to rent an apartment or room. You see so many ads in the newspaper about people looking for someone to share rent and apartment or house. How well does that work out?

If you have 2 or 3 or more strangers sharing a house, for instance. They probably each have their own bedroom, but in the common areas of the place is it acceptable to entertain guests, lounge around in your underwear, sneak to the bathroom in the middle of the night in your birthday suit, etc?

Do people in thes types of living arrangements often end up have a relationship with each other?

Any unusual benefits or problems associated with sharing?

Administrator answers:

The only room-mate I never wanted to strangle was my brother and that was because I grew up with him, and had the same bad habits.

The rest of them were tough to deal with, just some examples of the things I delt with; drugs, random and unwashed dirty people crashing on the couch, unlocked doors when no one was home, eating but not buying any groceries, dirty dishes, odd hours, weird and very strong body odors, socks that could walk themselves left in the bathroom, used condoms in the laundry, leaving laundry in the washer/dryer for days, not replacing the toilet paper roll, not buying toilet paper.

The truth is one person usually gets the short in the stick, usually the more responsible person. They clean up after everyone, pay the bills, and silently dream of killing their room-mates.

There were times that I had to break down and get 2 or more jobs, just so that I didn’t have to have a room-mate.
If you can’t handle that, don’t rent something you could not afford on your own with 1 job.
If that means living back at home with Mom, or living in the ghetto section of town, it will be worth it.

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