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December 1, 2012

Donald asks…

Looking for apartments for rent by owner?

So I can call them and ask if they allow pets and for information
Craigslist has a bunch of empty ads that tells there is actually a rental as described then directs you to a apartment search site.

Just looking for studio efficiency under 500 per month.
Im looking for an apartment in Minnesota

Administrator answers:

Look in the local paper but if they do allow pets you can expect anywhere form 500-1000 for a non-refundable pet deposit in many cases. I even paid 3500 for the pet deposit before.

Sandy asks…

$0 Rent for Hot Girl…Would you take it?

Okay…I was looking through the classified ads online for an apartment to rent and I come by this kind of ad posted once in a while:

$0 Rent for a Homeless or Hot Girl

Description: I am offering free rent and drive one of my car to any attractive girl who want to help me take care of my apartment and be with me. I am blah blah blah….

Anyway, the idea is that some guy is offering free housing to any attractive girl who obviously have sex with him. So, my question is:

Would you do it? Why?!

Administrator answers:

Sounds like a rape waiting to happen

George asks…

If it says credit check/refs required to rent, is there a way out of it?

I’m currently apartment-hunting for the first time. I’ve noticed some apartment ads on craigslist say credit-check / references required. First off, I don’t have any credit & second, don’t have references from other landlords, obviously. There’s an ap’t I’m interested in that requires such. is there some way I can talk them out of it? or convince them I am a responsable person with a full time job? Any input/advice appreciated. Thanks.

Administrator answers:

I do credit checks,check references,job verification and in some cases a criminal back ground check.

No credit is good,better than bad credit,references are in case we need to verify character and of course checking your job to see if you can pay rent.

Most managers will give you a chance so just be honest about your self.Half of my people are first time renters and students.Smile,be friendly and charm the —- out of them.

Linda asks…

How to rent an apartment with no credit or co-signer?

My boyfriend and I are planning to move to Turlock, CA. I will be attending school and he will be working full time until we get settled in. We live 3 hours down south so we will have no help with living arrangements.
I currently work in retail and have talked to the upper management to transfer me up there which has come through. I have a good amount saved up just for living purposes and also plan to pull out a $3500 loan which has been offered to me through my financial aid to help pay for my living expenses if necessary. In a few months I will also be receiving about $7,000 from scholarship money promised to me.

The money is not a problem, but as we are just starting out with no credit and no prior apartment leasing finding an apartment is very difficult. We are willing to pay 2 months rent in advance and I can also show you proof of pay stubs, my financial aid, my scholarships, and my bank account summary. I also have past letters of recommendations from teachers that can demonstrate my responsibility and character.

We have had no luck I cant think of anything else I can do to convince them?

I have been looking on craigslist and the newspaper ads.

Administrator answers:

You will not find one in Turlock.

Try Keyes, you are MUCH more likely to find a landlord that does not check credit there.

Joseph asks…

What is the typical rent for a 2 BHK apartment in and around Adyar, Chennai?

Size around 100-1100 sqft carpet area, with car parking and power back-up. I am seeing the prices quoted in online ads to be higher by huge amount than I heard from people. If you have any idea, please share with me.
Thanks in advance.

Administrator answers:

About Rs.18000 to 20000/- p.m

Lisa asks…

Why do men DO this stuff?

Ladies, all of you in long term relationships or married MUST have encountered one of these in your lifetime. If you know WHY men do these things, please share with us, the confused, as to why this happens:

1) You, your man, and another man (a brother, a roommate, a contractor, doesn’t matter, it just has to be another man) are in a conversation. Your man takes the side of the man and completely disregards your opinion. Even if what he’s saying is complete bull. Later, when you’re furious and googling divorce lawyers and apartments for rent, he wraps his arms around you and admits he agrees with you. You feel better but still want to take his eye out with a pen for belittling you.

2) You have an argument with Man B (whoever it is). Your man, takes the side of Man B, not yours. You’re not wrong in this argument, in fact Man B may have even propositioned or insulted you. But your guy is clearly being switzerland or worse, taking Man B’s side. Later, he wraps his arms around you and you poke him with the pen you’re circling apartment ads with.

3) Man B has told your guy that you came on to him in a suggestive manner. Your man takes his side, and they both proceed to verbally lash you for denying it. Once you’re reduced to tears, Man B leaves and your guy wraps his arms around you and says he believed you the whole time.

W T F ???

WHY do men do this?? WHY can’t they agree with you AT THE TIME, not later when no one is around. This confuses me and other than the standard “male ego” theory, why would a man not just stand up for his woman when it really counts, which is WHILE it’s happening, not after the fact.

Administrator answers:

You married him too young and he still cares more about impressing other guys than taking care of his own.

He will, most likely, grow out of it if you have the patiences to wait it out.

The runt does not have the option of intimidation as the above so admires. He’ll just get his ass kicked or, if in a fight with someone like me, killed.
So careful what you wish for.

Susan asks…

I’m 16 and looking to move out. I need some opinions on some classified ads and info about utilities cost.?

I know I’m getting ahead of myself because I don’t have a job yet but I need start getting prepared and smart about this now. I’m 16 and a drop out due to my mom pulling me out of school and sending me to my dads house then dragging me back. I plan on getting my GED when I’m 18 then taking college classes so please no lectures. This is what the classified says “A room with “kitchenette.” All util. furn. $350 mo. + dep. Non-smoking.” I think this sounds perfect if I just want to move out. But I may move in to an apartment with my older friend and I’m wondering how much generally do utilities cost on a 2 bedroom apartment? Rent on a 2 bedroom is around 400. There’s also an ad “Large 2 BR. Main floor $425 + dep. All utilities except electric” So how much generally is electric for 2 people? I know al utilities usualy doesnt include cable, internet, phone and thats fine. How much generally is cable/internet? I would look all this up but it’s hard to on my phone. Please give me general estimates on the prices of things and round up if you aren’t sure. I just want to know now if this is even possible. Thanks

Administrator answers:

There may be a chance you can afford that $350. If you work a minimum wage job full time, your gross would be $1200 a month. You should only spend 35% of that on rent so that’s $420. Keep in mind that the deposit is an entire month’s rent. And if you don’t break the lease, you apply that deposit to your last month in the place when you get ready to leave. So you’d have to pony up $700 for that furnished place. That would be ideal for you, or get a place with roommates because you won’t have the money for furniture for several months.

For the second apt, find out if the heat is electric. That’s probably why it’s not included in the rent. The landlord doesn’t want to be responsible for paying for your heat if you like the place to be 80 degrees all winter. It could cost several hundred dollars to heat the place during the winter, and then you have to run AC in summer which runs up the bill too. If your roommate isn’t on the same page as to how hot or cold you should keep it, you’ll butt heads over the bill trust me. If the place isn’t well insulated, your heat will go right out the windows and cold will come in thru the walls. I once lived in a place where we paid over $300 a month and the heat never got above 55 in that damn house, it was awful.

Cable prices vary depending on where you live. You can call the cable company and ask what their basic basic cheapo internet and cable package is but you shouldn’t get that hooked up for several months into your lease. Make sure you can afford rent and utilities first because breaking a lease is a big pain in the ass and you have no idea what the utilities will cost until you live there.

Carol asks…

What are some ways and places to advertise a vacant apartment for rent?

I own a condo I am trying to rent out. The tennant has already moved out and nobody is contacting me from the ad I have on CL. I pay $3450/month between mortgage, tax, insurance, HOA dues and so on and have listed it at a low $1600, significantly lower than what it had been rented out for before (and it is in a nice community close to the beach in Southern CA). I have no idea where else to advertise. Can you pleae help? I am losing money when I am already struggling!!

Administrator answers:

Contact a realtor that handles rentals and let them find you a tenant.

By the way… You need to check out your competition. There is something seriously wrong with the picture. That you have not received a single call in regards to your Ad.. Sounds weird.

Are you sure the Ad is running in the paper and is your rent price in line with similar offers? Are you even advertising the monthly rent?
Nobdoy answers an ad that doesn’t have the price/monthly rent advertised. I know…. I used to work for a newspaper for 6 years.
Put the rent price in it and redo your ad.

Lizzie asks…

how to advertise to rent out the bedrooms in my apartment?

I have a 3 bedroom apartment, I will occupy one of the bedrooms. This leaves me with 2 bedrooms needing to be rented out. How will I post my advertisement for the price? If I can only find 1 room mate, rent will be $600 per person, but if I can find 2 room mates, rent will only be $400 per person.

Should I advertise for $600, and then explain it can potentially be lower? or post 2 separate ads, each at $400??

Administrator answers:

You can advertise it either way but you will need the permission of the owner to sublet.

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