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October 15, 2012

John asks…

How much do painters get paid?

I just moved to New York City with a friend and we are looking to make a few extra bucks. My friend and I can paint apartments pretty much professionally, and I am plaining to put ads craigslist. What should I charge per hour? Per person? Per Square foot? What is the typical rate? (My friend has most of the equipement.)


(Am I in the right section?)

Administrator answers:

I don’t know the answer to your question but it should be easy to find out by getting costs from the Competition to do your own apartment or a friends.

In UK price is for the job Not by the hour or square meter. Why has number of persons anything to do with it.?

You have to visit the place, estimate the work needed (include plenty of time for preparation, furniture moving etc), and cost of materials (Include fillers, sandpaper and thinners/cleaners etc at a fixed rate). Remember the square meterage /litre on a can is only for one coat.

Most jobs need two coats and if there is a really big colour change ( very dark to very pale ) you may need three.

Customers need to know how much their redecoration is going to cost them No hidden extras half way through because you missed something when estimating
They may want to save money by doing prep. ) and how much disruption — how long , access to building etc..will other people be there.? Their belongings are important to them so look after them, dust sheets over furniture and on carpets etc.

Materials are another tricky subject-
Do you buy and include in price.?? Best if you can but show them invoices- you are not trying to rip them off but if you can get a trade account you can get the products you choose at a favourable price and they will see you are saving them money. It also show how much you are charging for labour.

BUT you must agree with colour cards etc exactly what they want, and from what supplier.

Do they buy-? In which you neeed to specify quantity and quality ..Cheap paints don’t cover as well and may an need extra coat (your time and money ) and also may not wear well.

Do you want to offer a design service or just recommendations..

It helps if you can offer obvious advice but I expect most customers have an idea of what they want.

If you think a job /person is not right for you walk away.

Getting the money is the most important bit. You have to become a good judge of character.

Books and invoices are essential since once you advertise I expect the tax people will pick that up.

Assume you will have to pay tax on some/most jobs and include in your costings

Do it well, build up a rep for service and you can succeed.

Hope this helps

Sharon asks…

Joke’s you wont want to miss?

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Administrator answers:


Betty asks…

Can we trust ad posts from the internet?

Hi, we’re a group of friends planning a vacation in New York. We found this site of apartments and they have very good locations. Does anybody know how we can verify if the one we’ve chosen is for real before we make any deposit to reserve it (via paypal)? We’re just trying to avoid paying and not knowing for sure if the one we paid would actually show up to check us in.

Thanks, any helpful info would be appreciated.

Administrator answers:

The site seems legit and was registered in November 2005 with a contact in New York. However, when I ran the two phone numbers on google for the ad post, I got six results for the first and ten for the second. I would procede with caution especially since they say email is a better contact.

What happens, they use someone genuine number (or buy a pre paid cell) and give you a story that they are in the UK right on business (like renting more property) or on vacation and can FedEx you the keys if you do a wire transfer. Of course, no keys will be coming and you’ll be out your money.

If you do decide to go thru, get two email account so you can pretend to be two buyers and see how they react to you.

Make sure you can do a walk thru before any money exchanges.

Best of luck.

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