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Your Questions About Apartment Ads In New York

April 27, 2012

Paul asks…

How did you find your apartment in New York City?

I’m coming to look at apartments in a month or so and was just curious as to how you found your apartment. I’ve seen some really great ads on Craigslist, but does it really work? Just curious and thought I’d take a little poll! Please, give details. I need as much help as I can get.

Administrator answers:

You can try, which better than Craigslist.

Good luck
Native New Yorker

Ken asks…

Where can I find an apartment to rent in new york? Do you know a good webpage?

I need a good webpage of real estate ads (those that are legitimate)
Something else than NY Times?

Administrator answers:

Also look in the newspaper’s classifed ads.
Online newspaper has some, but not all listed.
It is important that you find a small area you like to make the “hunting” a bit easier.`

Donna asks…

What are the average monthly rent rates for an apartment, condo or room in New york, jersey and that area?

Pretty much anything from that area. I would be moving as a college age guy so I would prefer it be as low as possible [though i would not like to live in a rat hole:)} and whats the best way to circulate an ad for a room mate? Also how is the job market in that area as far as small jobs go like clerks of waiters?

Administrator answers:

The job market is pretty rough, but it’s not impossible to find a decent job. You most likely won’t get anything above minimum wage, which is $7.25 an hour in New York State, but you could find some good jobs. Keep an eye out for some “Help Wanted” signs, and go through the newspaper and maybe find some things there that might interest you.

Most college-aged students go to live in Brooklyn, as it’s the borough with generally the cheapest housing. Unfortunately, though, there’s no average monthly rent. The person who’s renting out the apartment can decide what he or she finds adequate for a monthly lease rate. I’d suggest looking through the local newspaper, and just finding some ads for apartments, and go and visit a few, just to get an idea of what’s being sold. You can get an idea of what people are selling, and how much it would cost, and you can get an idea of where things are, as well.

Or you can use this website, where you can find apartments in New York City and in neighboring cities, like Hoboken, Long Island City and Jamaica. In addition, You can narrow down by your preferred price range and the number of bedrooms you’d prefer, and you can find some apartments that way:

Craigslist is the most common way to find a roommate, and is certainly VERY widely used by many people who are looking to find roommates, or who are looking to sell things, and et cetera. You can post an ad, looking for a roommate, and you can hold interviews with people and see who you’d like to lease an apartment with. You can also lease an apartment with some friends, but I wouldn’t recommend that, as some lease agreements can turn ugly, and it can cause you to lose your friendship.

Good luck.

David asks…

How do I obtain an apartment in New York City as a student?

I work enough where I am able to afford one, but I have never had an apartment before. I don’t have any credit because I’ve never bought anything that required it. My mom’s credit is not the best credit in the world, so I couldn’t ask her to sign for me. What other options do I have?
I’d be renting and living off campus in an apartment.
I’m not talking about the price aspect of an apartment, but getting one like I see a lot of ads where you need X credit score or whatever. Are there any apartment types that I can get without things such as a credit score or something since I don’t have any credit. That is just an example by-the-way.

Administrator answers:

You don’t get an apartment in NYC without a parent cosigning your lease. There is NO way around it.
No you must have a full time job to afford the 1500 in rent plus utilities, 2 yrs of credit and references. You have none so a parent must cosign the lease

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