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December 15, 2012

Betty asks…

Should I move to Atlanta to start a new life, how’s life there?

I am looking for a city similar to NYC but I dont wanna move to Miami or LA

Atlanta is the only other major one that crosses my mind but I have only been there once. My cousin lives there, I think he lives in buck head or bank head, not sure. His apartment complex is the most luxurious gated complex I have ever seen. It looked like it was built for royalty, you actually have to dial at the gate for him to open it. And the call goes straight to his cell and he can open it from there. We dont have stuff like that in NY. He only pays $900 for a 2 bedroom, thats great. I am tired of suffering in NY paying $1500 for a small sh*t hole, I need to move to the south! NYC is too overrated

I am a Trinidadian so I wanna go to place with lots of immigrants (whether it be Russians, Indian, Jamaicans, Africans…etc), lots of restaurants (such as Spanish and Caribbean restaurant), public transport so I wont have to rely on my car, lots of jobs, night life…etc

Is Atlanta the place for me?

From what I heard Atlanta is on the rise ad will be the next big thing

When I was younger no one cared about Atlanta and it was just known for hair and pimpin, but now Atlanta seems like heaven. Everyone is moving from the North to the South because they realized the North is expensive and its a sh*t hole. Everyone is come to TN, GA and TX

Whats your take on it, and should I move here?

I have like 5k saved up so that should get me into an apartment with a down payment. The same week I move there I will take my security Guard course (which is like 1 hr) and get the certificate, I will then apply for my Georgia guard card and work as a security guard until I settle down and find a better job. They are always on need of security guards and it looks better of you have your guard card so I think thats agood plan to keep me afloat while getting situated. APD is also hiring and I am going to go to their job fair this Saturday to put in an application there as well

I plan on making the final move in MAY after I finish up this semester in NY, I am not sure which college I wanna transfer too but I will put college on hold until I get a steady job that can pay the rent

What do you think about my plan? I wanna enjoy life and not have to struggle, anyone who lived in NY knows its a struggle

Administrator answers:

I can relate to what you say. I moved to Atlanta 18 years ago from NYC. My incentive was an easier, less-costly life — and a good place to raise my daughter. My expectations were borne out, and I’m quite happy here.

The way I see it, ‘nothing ventured, nothing gained.’ You have a plan, you have some savings … Give it a go. I would suggest though, that you come back and spend a few days here before you make the big move. When you look at a place as a prospective home, you’ll be interested in things that you might not see as a tourist.

I don’t know anything about the guard business, but I do know that unemployment is higher here than the national average, and people who might not have taken security jobs before the recession are happy to have anything now. (What I’m saying is, employment isn’t a done-deal.)

I’d also suggest that you put college on hold, until you establish residency which I think is about a year. It’ll save you a lot of money!

Atlanta is growing. There are many more cultures here now, than there were when I arrived. Each neighborhood has its own characteristics. Buckhead and Bankhead — which you cite — are totally different! Come check it out!

Nancy asks…

Does anyone know who Isobella Jade is?

I first saw this girl on youtube. She is a professional petite model from NYC. Her tips sound inspiring and she seems to know what she is talking about. She is also the author of two books based on her life experiences trying to become a short model in NYC. She’s a commercial print model because she can’t be a fashion model. But I read on other sites such as this Where people say she is a scam in their comments. Do you think she’s real and what she says is true? Or is she trying to mislead girls and their dreams? The weird thing is she never talks about who is really is. No one knows her true height or age. It’s strange to me. My sister believes her stories and tips and wants to follow them. But I have an unsure gut feeling about this girl and her tips. I don’t know if she’s a scam and trying to rip people off or it’s real. Her photos don’t look really professional, most of them look amateur. She used to go to people’s private apartments to take modeling photos but then she ran into a guy who disrespected her and she never again model for people asking in ad’s on Craigslist. She used to also be poor while trying to become a model by giving up her apartment, sleeping at friends houses, having no computer and instead used one at the apple store where she wrote her story etc. It’s rumored that she’s almost 30 years old. She was in college in 2000 and graduated in 2004. I’m not calling this girl a scam or a liar, so please don’t be rude. I’m just concerned because my sister wants to follow her tips and guidelines and I don’t want her to make a mistake. Please no rude answers, I’m only asking for someone who knows more about this. Can someone please help me with this? Thank you.

Administrator answers:

Hey, this is Isobella Jade. I was born in 1982. I am under 5’4″. There is no misleading. I give advice and my opinion on how to skip the scams that I encountered, which are featured in my memoir Almost 5’4″ as an awareness for girls. I don’t advocate for girls to make the mistakes I’ve made and overcome. But I do share how they can skip scams and my live through opinions on how to get ahead as a shorter model, in which I’ve found success. I do talk about some of the low experiences I have encountered and have written about them to bring awareness to the topics. If you visit my blog: you will see this so. Of course people will comment negative things sometimes, but that come with the territory putting yourself out there. Yes in the past I did encounter some not so wonderful experiences while striving as a model, yes I did make some mistakes, and I did give up my apartment during a tough time in my pursuits, and I did write a book at the Apple Store. And I am not out to scam anyone, just shared what I’ve learned. At the early stage of my pursuits I experienced some gritty moments which I wrote honestly about in my books, but I do not suggest to use model-sites or the Internet to market yourself as a model. I may have associated with the wrong people, the wrong photographers and some mistakes in my early years, and within my books you will find this topic, -however that was many years ago and today I advocate about professionalism, and only surround myself with it.
On my blog, podcast radio show, and within my books you will find that I share things honestly, I am not going to pretend it is easy to be a model, it’s not, but if you know how to market what you have it is possible to find opportunities. I give advice from things I have lived through, experienced, overcome, and accomplished, advice on how to skip the scams, and why avoiding model-sites is best, and to aim higher, and strive for a professional experience, things I wish someone had told me. I model today with great agencies and brands, and I give advice on how with a realistic mindset and the proper photos and marketing spirit height isn’t everything in modeling, and you can get in touch through my website if you want.

Joseph asks…

Good title for my novel?

Okay so i’m writing a book and I can’t come up with a good title. Here’s a mini description:

Cristina Jimenez is a fiery Puerto Rican. She lives in NYC and attends one of the best performing arts high schools in the US. She wants to be a famous actress but it’s hard for a poor Brooklyn girl like herself. She lives in a 2 bedroom apartment with her single mother and 8 year old sister. Her background may not be all that but she’s got what it takes to make it big. Despite her put downs by her abusive boyfriend Jonathan. Everything was fine with them in the beginning but over the summer he changed and began flirting with other girls and acting like a real jerk finally leading up to him abusing her. But Cristina has the support of her best friend Clarissa and the new boy from Texas Austin who she’s slowly falling for. Cristina see’s a ad for auditions for a big time movie and is set on auditioning and doing her best and getting the roll.

So yeah btw Their in the Junior year of high school based on that what’s a good title for the book?

Any ideas?

Administrator answers:

It works for the audition and the abuser. Plays on words can make good titles.

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