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May 29, 2012

William asks…

Can I afford an apartment in Toronto?

In September I’ll be a student making roughly $35k/year. Can I afford an apartment that costs about $800-900/month to rent?

Bonus question: in a lot of online apartment ads (for apartments in large towers, usually) I see “and up”, e.g. “$800 and up”. What does that mean? What does $800 actually get you, then?


Administrator answers:

Try this site:

It takes rental listings from and maps them. You can filter by price.

$800-$900 may just get you a bachelor in a newish condo in central downtown, or a 1 bedroom apartment in a house in the downtown area, or a 2 bedroom in a large building if you go outside of downtown.

And “$800 and up” means just that… $800 is probably the smallest unit they have and anything bigger is more.

Helen asks…

Good source of apartment rental ads in Markham?


I’m going to be moving (back) to the Toronto area, and am wondering where to look for apartments. I’ve been looking at Craigslist and the major newspapers online. I’m looking for a bachelor apartment in the 16th Ave. / Woodbine area.

I currently live overseas.

Thanks Luckman. I’ve come across that recently.

Administrator answers:

Hi There,
Check out This is a great site to look for apartments! Good luck!

Thomas asks…

What do I do if I need to break my apartment lease?

I have signed a lease for a 2 bedroom apartment with a friend of mine, but my friend is bipolar, and moving to the city just made him worse. He’s hurt himself and has threatened to even jump off the roof of the building, which really, really scares and worries me.

I suggested to him that he should move back to his hometown where its a little quieter. I would need to move out as well because I could not afford to live there alone. But we have 6 months left on the lease and we gave our 2 months notice(with people to replace us). We did have friends that were willing to take the apartment but backed out at the last minute.. Weve been putting ads up everywhere we could but have had no luck so far(Ive tried to put ads online, but it costs money that we dont have right now, so if you know any sites that are free, specifically for Toronto, that would be helpful). I am worried about my credit also, I hope that it doesn’t get affected by this.

Administrator answers:

A lease is not credit, so it should not affect your credit score. There are, however, services that maintain data on renters who have skipped on leases or otherwise not paid rent. This could make it more difficult to rent, especially from some large corporations or large apartment building. You should approach your landlord and explain the situation to see if he will cut you a break.

Donna asks…

Does anyone in toronto know of any apartments that are?

around $900 or below with lakeview or close to the lake, so the area is lakeshore.. I know the ones closer to downtown or condos that are like $2000 and up, but farther down like around dufferin I’ve seen some ads around that range before.

Administrator answers:

I was going to say Mimico as well. That’s part of Etobicoke, accessible by streetcar.

It depends how far out of the city you’re willing to go. There seem to be some inexpensive places around the Scarborough Bluffs too.

There are one or two older apartment buildings on the Queensway, just west of Roncesvalles. Sometimes they have vacancies. Great area. A very short walk to High Park, a short walk to the lake, and streetcar service almost at your door.

Then there’s that whole area that I call “ghetto”, which isn’t too bad, in the southwest corner of Dufferin and King. The southeast corner is great, but it’s quite expensive. The SW corner is full of older highrises that aren’t too expensive. There’s got to be something in there for $900 or less.

Robert asks…

A song in TV ad of Toronto radio station?

Could someone please tell me the song which was used in TV ad of radio station? In that TV-ad ,a guy was seeing people dancing in different rooms of an apartment across the street .He wondered what was going on,and then his girlfriend came into his room,and turned on a radio.He figured out that they were dancing with music from a radio.And I wanna know what song it was.The song was R ?B?and I watched the TV ad in Toronto. in 2003. I am sorry I couldnot describe it well.

Administrator answers:

I know what your talking about. It’s Shaggy ft. Janet Jackson OR Samantha Cole – Luv me, luv me.



I can’t believe I remembered that.

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