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October 4, 2012

Susan asks…

How to connect to internet using my Speedtouch router and UPC cable modem?

Hello, I have a UPC cable internet connection, which I used with a single computer and now there are more computers in the apartment, so I want to connect them too. They told me I just have to connect a router with the modem and connect the computers with the router. Well I took my father’s ADSL Speedtouch 510 router and it gives me the DHCP addresses and all, but it doesn’t connect me to the internet. Can it be used this way? Or is it just an ADSL router and there’s no way to get around that fact?

Administrator answers:

If the router supports standard routing (which it should as a layer 3 device) you can try connecting your modem to an ethernet port on the router, and then your other computers to available ports.
I fear this will not work as you wish however, as often router firmware is configured with special properties for your incoming cable connection.

Richard asks…

Is low internet speed. the reason for router malfunction?

My parents who live overseas, just got the lowest ADSL speed which is 128 K, and they tried to install 2 diffrent rounters . One is teh linksys WT54G and teh other one is a dynex router (best buy’s brand i think). and both of them keep disconnecting and do not stay connected .. even tho after trying to do everything i can over remote assistance by changing option on teh router’s page. Im not sure why it keeps disconnecting .. even aftrer all teh tweaks i did. i mean my router here in my apartment runs 24/7 for weeks no problem at all .. it is a netgear mimo – i have a 16 MBS cable connection from comcast). is it possible because their speed is 128K it is disconnecting? thank you

Administrator answers:

Not knowing the DSL modem model I can offer some general suggestions.

The Router should be setup to be a PPPOE connection type and the DSL user/pass should be entered as per the provider needs.

Now there should be an option for “Keep Alive: redial period” which should be set for 30 seconds. This will ensure that if the connection goes idle for longer than 30 seconds it will automatically reconnect to the DSL provider.

This should keep the connection active in most situations. As both routers have been having a problem it may have to do with the DSL itself. You mentioned overseas which may have an impact as well if the local DSL provider is using equipment not compatible or requiring special setup.

If you can repost with the country, DSL modem model and provider name it would help to better identify the root cause.

David asks…

Which of the two routers is better?

Hello all,

I’m completely a tech noob and after researching online for quite some time, and touching some physical modem-routers at JB Hi-fi, I narrowed my choices down to the following:

Netgear DGN2200 Wireless ADSL Modem Router ($119)
Belkin F9J1002AU N300 Wireless N Modem-Router ($79)

Basically, I only need it for an average-sized two bedroom apartment. It’ll be used to connect two laptops and placed in the living room. The model router should be PPPOE compatible and good enough to transmit strong signals into the bedrooms.

My room mate and I use the Internet for normal net browsing and the occassional media streaming, so I’m guessing a basic one should do? Of course, we’re hoping to keep the budget as low as possible, while a slight difference in pricing for a much better product is understandable.

Thanks in advance; all comments are greatly appreciated! :)

P.S I’ve been told that Linksys modem routers are amazing but I can’t seem to find any of them in Australia?

Administrator answers:

I would personally chose Belkin F9J1002AU N300 Wireless N Modem-Router. You can log in by the manual given with the product to set up the PPPoE settings…

It’s cheaper and you don’t need something huge. This will cover your lap tops…

John asks…

Best Internet Router for my large apartment?

Well i need a very strong router for my 250 square meter apartment with concrete walls. my current internet router is from my local provider ( Qtel ) and it does not reach my whole house. my provider told me the best solution is to get a very powerful router with alot of range, my internet is ADSL. i need the best and fastest ( price does not matter) it can be expensive its not a problem. but it has to have the best range in the market for an ADSL router and best speed etc. what should i get?

Administrator answers:

Any Linksys/Cisco Wireless N router will do the trick, I have a WRT310N that reached every square foot of my parents’ 2900sqft 3 story home from its location in the basement.

Donald asks…

Modem with Bell internet High-speed?


i’ve had my new apartment, but the previous owner is still being charged for his Bell high speed internet (i’ve been told that by a Bell technician)… so basically i cant install any new connection before the previous owner stops his connection at my place!! so i thought i can simply use his connection…

can i buy any ADSL modem, plug it in and enjoy internet??

PS: i dont have any username or password…
1- i have ordered an high speed connection… the technician who came to install the line found out that there’s already a connection and line installed, for the previous owner, who is still paying… so he cannot touch it…
2- i dont think it’s illegal to use that guy’s connection which is in my place!! it’s more like a kind of gift he left me! if not, that would be violating my privacy!!!

Administrator answers:

Sorry, you won’t be able to access the Internet without the username (b1#) and password….

Michael asks…

What are the main advantages/disadvatages of Cable and DSL for my needs?

I am in Cincinnati, Ohio and I need to choose between Zoomtown (DSL) and Time Warner (Cable). Right now they’re offering promos so I can get Zoomtown’s ADSL line for 30 bucks a month at 5Mbps down and 786 kbps up or Time Warner for 7Mbps down and 500~kbps up at 35 bucks a month.

I’ve read up on DSL vs Cable but I have yet to reach a decision. It seems that the further away you are from the distribution center, the slower DSL can be. However, I do not know how far I am away from the distribution center and I don’t want much slower speeds than the advertised 5Mbps. I’ve also read that older lines can cause problems with DSL and I live in an old apartment building, so I’m a bit concerned there. I’m also hesitant about Cable because I live close to my college campus and I’m sure most people have internet around me so if they have Time Warner (which may be the only of its kind available here) then it could slow my connection. I know that Cable is generally faster but if I knew that Zoomtown would actually be able to stay at comparable and fast speed I would go with them to save five bucks a month. But I’m not sure if DSL could keep up, has anyone had experience with both so they can give some insight?

It is important that I have decently fast speeds (which is why I want 5 or 7 Mbps) because I’ll be using my internet for everything. I plan on playing games online, downloading a good amount of content, using it for school, and streaming TV content (Netflix with my Xbox and Hulu) with my connection, This certainly requires one of these two but I don’t know if DSL would be worse for some reason (not just because of its slower speed but also because DSL, from what I’ve heard, is generally worse than Cable and doesn’t reach its promised speeds all the time). However, Cable doesn’t always reach its promised speeds either but I feel that Cable is generally thought of as faster.

Can anyone help with this dilemma?
What were the speeds you were offered for DSL Larry?

They are saying that I can get the 5Mbps download but maybe they are only saying that because it is a promo. Is there anyway for me to find out where their hub is?

Administrator answers:

First off, NEVER consider you will get whats advertised by any broadband company. These claims are made under the assumption you have perfect conditions which dont exist in real life. Secondly, if all cable is selling is 7 megs down, you are probably going to do no better than 5. 5 meg DSL, maybe about 3. Another thing people dont realize when gaming is upload speed is VERY important. I’d say you have a tough decision to make. Try the cable first. I feel for you! Im getting 28 down for 30 a month!

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