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December 20, 2012

Daniel asks…

Living in Guangzhou China?

I am American going to teach ESL in Guangzhou. I have a few questions about it…

1) What is the best way of paying a student loan back home, Western Union to family or Chinese bank transfer to American bank and pay online? I hear bank transfers are hard to get done.

2) What kind of adapter for my laptop modem if needed? ADSL seems like what I would get, or could afford.

3) Base salary is 7000 RMB + 1000 housing allowance, nothing provided and have to send 1400 RMB for the student loan. So I will have 6600 RMB to live minus taxes. The school offers free lunch and dinner to teachers if working at the facility. I might be able to defer my loan with my savings for 6 months with a prepayment. Is that enough to live well, do a trip to the Great Wall, maybe see Shanghai/Hong Kong?

4) I don’t get paid until the 1st of the 2nd month, how much money to get from the ATM for 1st month? I do not know my rent but the apartment will be furnished single bedroom and shown to me by the school.

5) Which is the best bank to do business with when I set up my account? Will it be hard for me to close it when I am ready to leave?

Administrator answers:

A chinese offers the following answer:
1. Western Union is easy and convenient but more fee for each transfer. Bank transfer for small amount of money is allowed but if you do not understand Chinese, doing so may require extra energy from you.

2. In China the standard voltage is 220v voltage.

3. 6600 RMB for a month is quite enough to live well in Guangzhou. Travelling to Hong Kong from Guangzhou is very easy and will not cost much. With 6600 RMB per month you can afford travelling to Beijing every two months. The average income for Guangzhou office workers is around 4000 RMB minus tax.

4. It depends on what kind of figure you are. A Chinese college student newly entering the career can get along with1000 RMB for the food, traffic, and renting appartment. I think 2000 RMB will be enough for your first month since you do not need to pay the rent, lunch and dinner. Of couse if you need to buy something for your dormitory, that is another case.

5. I think the China Merchants Bank is the best bank of China. They offer the best service in my opinion. But the outlets of CMB is not as many as those of Bank of China, which is also the most internationalized bank in China, ICBC, ABC, etc.

Hope the answer is useful for you.

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