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July 5, 2013

Maria asks…

How do I find the laws regarding tenants/landlords in Texas?

I am renting an apartment in College Station, TX. I need to break my lease, so I am looking for some guidelines on what constitutes a valid complaint, penalties, etc. I’m not sure if individual cities have their own laws, or if it is all state law. If it makes a difference, it is a college apartment that advertises itself as only renting to college students. I will be graduating from college in a week, so i need to move to get a job.

Please help!

Administrator answers:

You need to read the contract you signed, that is the only thing that counts, not ads. If you can find a clause in there the landlord violated you would need to sue him for breach of contract in order to be released from the contract.

Jenny asks…

Is it legal for my apartment complex to?

My apartment complex advertises pools and a gym and laundry room, but they havent been open for years. When I signed the lease here I was told they would be done in a month. Its been a year! I ran into someone who lived here for 2 years and was told the same thing. Can they legally advertise and promise things they dont have??

Administrator answers:

Unless those things are stated in your lease you have no proof as to what was promised to you. As for the advertisement itself, your diligence to confirm those amenities are to your satisfaction is required prior to signing the lease.

Steven asks…

If your rent is too above market value, can you renegotiate?

I took a sublease from a person last month, for a a years, paying $590/month. The apartment now advertise for $515. Is there anyway I can renegotiate the rent rate?

Administrator answers:

I think your chances of getting your rent reduced are zero!

Let us suppose that the same apartment were now being advertised for $750. Would you expect your landlord to jack up your rent? He couldn’t. He’s locked in, just like you are for the year.

Helen asks…

If you rent a 2 bed apartment and you want to rent out the other room do you need your landlords permission?

If I pay 1000 dollars a month on a 2bed apartment, can I advertise a room for rent for 500 dollars? or does my landlord have to do it for me?

Administrator answers:

Read your lease– carefully
It is legally binding on you and LL
Generally only permitted occupants must be named on lease, and guests for no more than 14 days per year
Generally, yes, you need LL’s permission
But you find your own roomie, not LL
Check out any roomies thoroughly, in advance, before agreeing to anything
Collect security deposit from them, give written receipt for deposit

Sandra asks…

Can an apartment building people deny your application because you have a child?

I live in Calgary, AB in a shitty bsmt “apartment.”
We’ve been trying to find another apartment, well one that’s clean at least. My husband makes like 3500/month so we have more than enough cash to pay the outrageous apartment rental costs. And we recently have been denied like 2-3 apartments not because we can’t afford it or our credit is bad, no it’s cause we have a 1 1/2yr old son and aparently he’s too young to live in the building.
I don’t think they can deny your application based on whether or not u have kids. Isn’t that ageism? I’ve never heard so many lame excuses as to why we can’t live in a building. I just wanna know if they can get away with that!

Administrator answers:

All Real Estate advertised on is subject to the Federal Fair Housing Act, which makes it illegal to advertise “any preference, limitation or discrimination because of race, color, religion, sex, handicap, familial status, or national origin, or intention to make any such preference, limitation, discrimination. “

That’s the first excerpt I found for Canada law, it’s almost identical to US laws on equal housing. Familial status means presence of children, so no, they can’t do that. If they are stupid enough to say it, file a complaint.

Chris asks…

How can I find the contact information for the landlord of an apartment bulding if it is not listed onsite?

A tenant in the apartment building next to mine has two loud dogs and I would like to complain to the landlord. I would prefer to not have to ask another tenant in that building for the information.

Administrator answers:

Your county tax records may be on file or google the address and see if they advertise.

Mark asks…

Can anyone recommend an air purifier/cleaner for an apartment that works really well?

I have a baby and two other small children. The way my apartment building is set up, odors including smoke, escape from the hallway and into my apartment. I want my children to be able to breathe the cleaniest air possible. Thanks in advance.

Administrator answers:

I did about 2 years of research on air purifiers before I bought mine and I decided on the Freidrich C90B. After I got it home and let it run for a few weeks I knew I made the right choice. You have 2 options really. You can go with a Hepa unit or electrostatic.

The reasons I chose the freidrich electrostatic one over all the others were;

1. Easy to clean (just put the grill inside the dishwasher and it comes out clean.
2. Has no expensive filters to replace. Just a $20 carbon one every 6 months. Unlike hepa ones that can be quite expensive.
3. Has a 4 stage filtering process.
4. Operates pretty quiet even on high setting compared to Hepa units.
5. Has a very good CADR (clean air delivery rate).
6. Does not produce much ozone compared to others.

I am a smoker and this unit does an excellent job of pulling smoke out of the air. I have had many people come by and had no idea that I smoked indoors until I told them. Usually you can tell but this filter takes the smell right out. When you look at the collection plates, you can see the yellow and brown particles and dust on the grid.

Beware of those as seen on tv ones. I dont know if I can say here without getting in trouble but the sh*rper image ones are a not great imo. There was a lawsuit between them and consumer reports because CR found their units did not work as advertised and produces excessive ozone which can be harmful. SI lost the lawsuit and had to pay CR. The Or*ck ones are not that good either from talking with other people. Pretty much avoid any you see on tv.

Here is a copy of the lawsuit info.


If you need to check it out yourself, just go into any as seen on tv store. If they have the Sh*rper image one working, you will smell it right away. And its not a good smell.

The only downside to the friedrich is its about $500 compared with about $200-$300 for a top quality Hepa (Whilpool Whisper). I have not tested the whilpool personally though to see how well it performs.

Hope the info helps!

Daniel asks…

What requirements are needed to get an apartment?

Im about to be 21 in 5 months and now its time to move.What type of requirements do i need to get an apartment.Im self employed and have never had a job on file.Im a hairstylist and i make good money i jus dont have any check stubs to show it.I also have an ok credit score of 665,but have little history on my credit report.With all that being said what else do i need to get an apartment.

Administrator answers:

You’ll need cash for a deposit and the first month’s rent. Usually, a landlord will charge you a month’s rent as a deposit. So, you’ll need to come up with at least two months’ rent in advance.

You’ll also need money to set up utility, phone, and cable/satellite accounts. You’ll also need furniture, household goods (dishes, flatware, bedding, cleaning supplies, etc.), toiletries, etc. And, you’ll have to figure out how you’re going to do your laundry (if no in-unit or in-complex laundry is available, you’ll need to budget time and money to go to the laundromat).

You’ll also want to get your tax returns ready to verify your income. And, you usually have to pay to apply for a rental (they have to check your credit report). If you have or want a pet, this could be problematic as many places don’t allow pets. Or, they charge you a non-refundable deposit up front, plus an extra fee per month.

Then start looking for places in the paper or on craigslist. It’s also a good idea to drive around the area where you’re considering renting. Many times, rentals simply have a For Rent sign up and aren’t advertised.

Ruth asks…

What is the average cost for movers for a one bedroom apartment in Orlando, FL?

I am moving my stuff from a 5×7 storage unit to a small one bedroom apartment. I am looking for the quickest and most economical solution. Does anyone have a suggestion?

Administrator answers:

You can do the move yourself or use a mover. Here are the links to assist you, you’ll have to consider what’s best for you and compare rates:

1. Rental trucks- You load and unload, you drive. To find out rates and availability check the following link for rental companies:

2. Moving company- Prices will vary depends on the company although they normally work by a pretty standard basic tariff. You can use one of the directories listed in the link below to receive several free quotes in one submission with no obligation:

Or you can look for movers by state:

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