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April 25, 2012

Laura asks…

Apartment advertising rent $95 less than what I pay. Can I get that price?

My apartment complex is advertising on craigslist my same apartment model for $95 less a month than what I pay. Should they have to give me the same price they are advertising? I am on a one year lease that expires in June.

Administrator answers:

No, everyone in the complex pays a wide variety of rents. This is nothing unusual.

You can not alter your existing contract, but in June you can ask for a reduction.

Ken asks…

if an apartment advertises they have a laundry facility and they do not can you sue for false advertising?

I moved into an apartment that advertised for any size pet and a laundry facility. They also advertised a tanning bed. They have no laundry what so ever and only allow small dogs and their tanning bed has been out of service for 5 months or more. they have also been sneaky about many things

Administrator answers:

Its your fault that you didnt do a walk through before you moved in and signed the lease. You dont have any grounds to sue them as you didnt do your part to look at the place first. Even if you did you STILL signed a contract….

Jenny asks…

What is the best free advertising website so i can advertise my apartment in Lakewood and Artesia, California?

What is the best free advertising website so i can advertise my apartment in Lakewood and Artesia, California. I need some people to rent it real quick please thank you

Administrator answers:


For such services you can use and you can narrow down your ad in the best city. receives lots of visitors everyday so it is also great place to advertise.


Thomas asks…

Can i advertise my apartment because the landlord is not advertising it properly?

i am breaking my one year lease for safety reasons and my landlord isn’t advertising the unit properly, i am still living in it, can i advertise it and show it?

The landlord has signs in front of the house but he is not advertising it on the net or newspapers, i found the house on the internet and when i first saw it the previous tenants were still living in it.

the landlord wants to keep charging me the monthly rend as long as the apartment is empty, plus he wants me to pay $500 for early termination

Administrator answers:

Your LL can’t keep charging you the month rent AND an early termination fee. Usually this is written within the lease about “early termination”. Typically if a renter needs to move out early there is a fee involved for the early termination. Once you satisfy the early term fee with the LL then your offically terminating your lease.

Now, if your LL said that he would help by renting your apartment to help limit your financial liability, I can see that, but once you start paying early term fees you are not required to continually pay the monthly rent..that makes not sense.

Maria asks…

Best online advertising for apartment rentals in Spain?


I am renting and selling these luxury apartments on the Costa Del Sol in Spain.

We have some great discounted rates for the year ahead.

I am looking to advertise to German and Dutch travellers aswell. What are the best way to reach German and Dutch customers online?

Best networking sites, advertising etc?

check out :

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Administrator answers:<=for all your renting advertisement needs! Its free to place information and pictures.. And it works around the world too!

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