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October 29, 2012

William asks…

What advice can you give an aspring apartment owner?What advice can you give an aspiring beverage owner?

I plan on going on to the real estate business and berverage industry. And any advice will encourage to me to persevere.

Administrator answers:

Go to school and study hard, don’t use drugs. Good luck

Lisa asks…

Advice for finding an apartment in CHICAGO?

ok..i need advice to find an apartment in chicago.
I need to know some REPUTABLE apartment agencies…
whatever you call it that will help people find apartments.
what is a good website to start ?

Administrator answers:

You can trust the Apartment People –

It is a free service.
You basically visit them one day, tell them about how much you’re willing to spend & where you want to live, then they immediately take you to a few apartments in their car.

The is a business so they make their money by tacking an extra $50-$100 a month on the rent which is basically their seller fee, then the landlord gets the extra money after a year or so…and 3 of 4 apartments they show will probably be bad apartments.


But since I’m assuming you don’t have any friends & family out here, it’s the best way for you to look. Being local & knowing the neighborhoods well I’ve found my aparments (including the one I’m in now) on craigslist – – but you have to know your neighborhoods. The cheaper apartments are generally on the Southside in neighborhoods where you shouldn’t have your first Chicago apartment.

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