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November 23, 2012

Daniel asks…

I need advice for moving & packing my apartment. I don’t know where to start?

Does anybody have advice to start packing up a one-bedroom apartment? I’m kind of a pack-rat and need to become more organized and not throw stuff away. I am getting so overwhelmed and need to start somewhere. Help please!

Administrator answers:

Pack out of season clothes, linens, towels, books and anything else not used everyday. Start in the bedroom, then livingroom, kitchen and bath. Leave unpacked enough for 2 to 3 days of clothing, set of towels and sheets. Fill toiletry bag. This items take with you so upon arrival at your new place you are not rushing around trying to find what you need for the first night and following morning.

Lizzie asks…

Advice for a first time cat owner living in an apartment?

I will be moving into a studio apartment and getting a kitten. Does anyone have any advice for products I should get, or things to look out for when taking care of a cat?

Administrator answers:

Check the lease. Some apartment owners ban pets. While others designate one building for pet owners. You want to be sure to move in some place where you do not hide the cat from the landlord.

Check doors and windows. If the cat can get out, get lost, you can be devastated. You might not want the cat able to get out of your apartment on its own.

Check placement of kitty litter, water to drink, etc.
You don’t want the cat in some room where the door gets closed, cat needs to go to the bathroom, no kitty litter in there.

Do you have a personal computer?
Did you know that cat hair can muck it up?
Look into appropriate covers for keyboard and tower that will protect against cat hair mucking it up.

Give consideration to fragile things and spillable things that cat can accidentally knock over. You need to adjust placement and protection.

Sandra asks…

Advice for a drummer living in an apartment?

I really want to get back into playing a set, but, as it is, I live in an apartment building. I don’t really want to go out and rent a rehearsal space because i don’t have enough money. Making enough space for an average set is possible, but keeping the sound from bothering neighbors i guess is the big issue. I’m not to into getting a electronic set, feels a little to unreal and illegitimate. Any advice? I could really use it. Thanks!

Administrator answers:

Many commercial establishments in older two-story buildings in my area have a tiny space on the second floor where a night watchman used to live. In some cases it is not legal for them to have anyone living there, but some do it anyway. If you can practice when the store is closed you are less likely to get complaints.

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