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July 18, 2013

Steven asks…

Need advice about having a puppy in an apartment?

Need help and advice. I’m moving out of my apartment in November but….?
My current landlord doesn’t want pets. I’m supposed to pick up a Puppy (that is stranded) on friday…and i don’t know what to do with her. I can’t leave her with anyone at that age since she will be bonding with a family that’s not me. where i am moving, i am allowed to have dog but what do I do for the next month?

It’s a one bedroom apartment- we don’t have a lease- we only had a lease for 2 months and then we pay month to month. They are living upstairs from us. We are moving out to another apartment and we know the new landlord.

Administrator answers:

Tell your current landlord your situation. I had a landlord who did not allow pets, but once I told her the dog was going to be put to sleep that day she let me keep him until my lease was up a few weeks later. Just make sure you take the puppy outside plenty throughout the day so you don’t ruin the apartment with animal feces because then your landlord will really be mad.

It seems like your only other option is to find a friend who will care for the puppy properly until you move into the new apartment. The puppy will bond with them, but as long as you go visit him enough he will be attached to you. Besides, it’s not like he will stay with them constantly- during the day take him out to the park to play and you won’t have to worry about him not being attached to you.

Sandra asks…

I need some advice renting an apartment in a duplex?

The duplex and apartments are in really good shape but the neighborhood is not the best. I need some ideas on making it more desirable. I listed it with utilities included for $650.00 per month. Each apartment is 2 BR. Appliances included. Any ideas?

Administrator answers:

Not knowing where the property is, here are some basic ideas.

1) Make the interior unique with good interior paint and nice appliances.

2) Curb appeal is everything for renters, just like with buyers.

3) Cheapest isn’t always best. Don’t feel like to you need to be the cheapest.

Good luck!

George asks…

I purchased a stackable washer dryer with three prongs and my apartment does not accomadate the plug…advice?

Hi i recently purchased a stackable washer and dryer and the owner explained it woud be okay for my small apartment. He told me that the unit was only used for a few years but after further research…it’s been around for 20…anyway it has a three prong cord, made by whirlpool, electric, 2 long hoses, a dryer vent, and a small black scrunchy thing?…(it looks like water is suppose to run out of it). As you can see I am clueless. Please offer any advice…I’m on a budget :-) I can take pics please offer an email address. Thanks in advance
The three prong is very large. I would say I have a problem. I’ve been bamboozled…if that’s the right word…sighhh

Everyone offered great advice. Thanks so much…I guess making dinner won’t get me out of this one…Maybe a couple of dates…lol

Administrator answers:

The back of the dryer should have the power cord, a cold water hose, a hot water hose, a 4″ exhause vent, and drain hose. The 3 prong connection is confusing me. Do you have a standard 3-prong connector (that you see around in most houses – that’s 110Volt) or do you have he very large 3-prong connection that needs a special outlet (this is 220 Volt)?

If you have the 110 Volt, just pickup an adapter from a hardware store that converts the 3-prongs to 2-prongs (costs about 50cents). If you have the 220Volt, you’ll need an electrican to run a new line/wire from the electric box to your washer/dryer location.

Bottom line.. Wherever you place the Washer/Dryer you will need a wall plug, a hot and cold water hookup, an exhaust hookup to the outside, and a sink (or 2″ drain) to hook up your black scrunchy thing. :)

Good Luck.

Ruth asks…

I need advice on how to keep my apartment organized?

I live on a 3rd floor of an apartment complex it has 2 bedrooms and 1 bathroom. Its just me my boyfriend and dog I just don’t know where to begin any tips would be great or how if you have a similar. Situation all advice will be taken thank you

Administrator answers:

Get a house keeper

Daniel asks…

Selling my apartment, any advice?

Hi ^_^

I have my apartment up for sale, and I’m having my first viewing this afternoon. In reality I should be cleaning it RIGHT NOW, as opposed to sitting here messing around on Yahoo Answers, but whatever. o_0

Do you guys have any advice as to what I can do to make the place look, smell and feel a little nicer when the prospective buyer comes over? Obviously I’m going to make sure it’s neat, tidy and fresh-smelling, but is there anything else I can try?

Thanks guys!

Administrator answers:

There are lots of things you can do to make your place more appealing to buyers…

1. Get rid of any clutter. The idea behind this is to make the place look as large and clean as possible. That means take the out-of-season clothes out of the closets, remove as many items as possible from the kitchen counters, etc. Basically, you take out all the items in a room and only put back 50% of the stuff…

2. Clean, clean, clean! Everything needs to sparkle: tub, shower, counters, floors, toilets, windows, etc.

3. Remove personal items that will distract the buyer from seeing themselves living in your place. So remove those trophies, religious artifacts, family photos, etc.

4. Push furniture away from the walls and leave space free. This makes a place look bigger and allows for flow in a room.

5. Open as many shades, curtains and blinds as possible. Let as much light in as you can… People don’t want to buy dreary places.

6. Get off the computer and get to work…!

Good luck selling… If you don’t sell today, get back to us here and we’ll give you more ideas. Unfortunately, you left it a bit late for what really needs to be done……….

Richard asks…

First-time apartment advice for college student … ?

I’m looking to get my first apartment / student housing and I have a few ?’s :
1) Is it a better value to get an apartment or student housing
2) What utilities should be included for the best value
3) Are all apartments leased ?
4) how many roomates is ideal ?
5) what do i inspect in an apartment ?

any other tips and advice is really appreciated. thanks.

Administrator answers:

Student housing is the better deal, easier to find roommates and all is included.
An apartment has many more rules and costs. No utilities are included.
Number of roommates is limited, can be evicted for cause
Depends on how many bedrooms and baths.
Inspect for cleanliness, noisy neighbors, everything in working order, laundry facilities,
safe neighborhood, transportation, shopping near by
You will need a co signer for an apartment lease, someone to guarantee the rent

William asks…

Big dog in a one bedroom apartment; Advice please!!?

We are bringing home a rescue Presa Canario (yes, we are familiar with the breed) on Saturday to our one bedroom apartment. I have always had dogs and had a house up to this point. We live on the third floor and understand we will be negotiating the stairs taking him in and out. He is basically a rug and very mild mannered.

Anyone have any do’s and don’ts for apartment living with a 110 pound canine friend??

Administrator answers:

Take him for lot’s of regular walks, at least twice a day and find a house with a yard as soon as possible.

Mary asks…

I am moving to an apartment that has one vivid red wall in the living room. What color furniture works best?

The accented vivid red wall has white crown molding and the other walls are a parisian taupe color. The floor and verticals are a light hard wood while the kitchen is black with brushed stainless steel. Since there is red, white, taupe and black colors, I have no idea what color furniture would look best. I don’t want any white furniture as our pets would dirty it quickly. I am looking for a color for the furniture that is contemporary and would work best with all the colors in the apartment. Any advice you could provide will be greatly appreciated.

Administrator answers:

A bronzey green or grass green would look beautiful with that combination. You could also bring in some golden yellow or butterscotch colors. It’s a classic color combination with the red and taupe and would make it look very rich and exciting.

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