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October 5, 2012

William asks…

How do you prevent an apartment complex from being constructed due to the discovery of indian artifacts?

There putting in a apartment complex behind my house. I feel that they are breaking state law becuase they found indian artifacts they claim the artifacts were found in an area that isnt relevent to the construction. My belief is that they cherry picked where to send the artchioligist. Becuase I have no money what legal aproach can I take to this situation. I do not want an apartment complex in back of me with low income housing.

Administrator answers:

You are not involved and can’t do anything. The Native Americans can sue if they want.

Ken asks…

What to do when your apartment complex refuses to fix problems?

I live in an apartment complex that refuses to fix things when they go wrong in the apartment. For example, my bathtub does not drain properly. It takes about two to three hours for it to drain after you take a shower. That is not how a tub should be. They have came up to fix it before and blamed me for putting a mop down the drain and then a washcloth, both of which I have never done. They refuse to come up and fix anything else with it. The sink is the same exact way. I dont know what I should do to get them to fix it. Is there a number to call or somewhere I could look to get help on getting my apartment to fix things? I dont know what my options are.
Moving isnt an option right now. Im looking for maybe some legal action I can take.

Administrator answers:

Report it to your city’s or town’s code enforcement office. I hope this helps you out. Ciao.

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