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August 8, 2013

Chris asks…

What to wear to go fill out a job application at a high end apartment complex?

I know that for a job interview you dress to impress, men and woman wear suits, but i’m going tomorrow for the application to fill out and turn in. Its a high end apartment complex. Should I wear nice slacks with a solid color polo or a suit and tie. Easy 10 pts

Administrator answers:

If there’s time in the morning, call ahead and ask-hopefully you’ll get a front desk secretary but even if you don’t, just be honest with your question and they’ll help you. I’ve done it before. If anything, it shows you care and you’d be surprised how many applicant don’t consider this before going to an interview. It’s such an easy thing-don’t know why people screw this up but the cool thing is it just makes you look that much better. If there isn’t time to call then I’d go with nice slacks, tie and sport jacket. Good luck!

Joseph asks…

I would like to know the best place in order to find jobs for apartment makeready maintenance.?

I am trying to find an apartment complex(es) that has postions open for makeready maintenance men, that also has on property living arangments. Can anyone assist me in my search please? Thank you.

Administrator answers:, i could have neen more halp had yuo told me what city you live in

Thomas asks…

where can I can rent an apartment or towne home in the arlington texas area with a balance owed to a complex?

I was recently evicted from my apartment(December) when my job moved out of state. I have since recovered with a bertter paying job but, I still owe the last apartment complex.

Administrator answers:

Honestly, you are going to have a tough time looking for a place if you have been evicted. I don’t live anywhere near Texas, but I don’t think it matters. I have been renting for most of my adult life and I have HORRIBLE credit, but I never been evicted. Landlords have did credit checks on me and still approved me for the apartments. Almost everyone has bad credit of some sort, but eviction is a whole different story. They ask if you have ever been evicted on most rental applications and I’ve heard that landlords have a special database in which they can look to see if you have been evicted. You may try a private owner who really needs to rent the place out or just apply for a place anyway and see what happens.

Donna asks…

Doing maintenance work for an apartment complex?


My husband is considering going to school for HVAC, and I was wondering if he could get a job doing maintenance for an apartment complex with just a certificate in HVAC, or if he needed a 2 year degree. I know a 2 year would look better, but I’m only asking if it’s possible to get a job like that with a certificate.

Thank you!!!!

Administrator answers:

Yes he definately can. Actually apartment complexes would consider him over qualified and not want to pay him what hes worth if he has 2 years of college under his belt. But on the other hand there are places that will pay 30 to 50% more if he has the degree along with the certificate. But they will also require 2 to five years experience.

Mandy asks…

What is it like to be an apartment complex leasing consultant? Pros and cons?

I am interested in beginning a career as a leasing consultant for an apartment complex… What are the basics of the job? What are the pros and cons, as well as hours per week , stress levels, etc…

Administrator answers:

Location, location, location! It all depends on the quality of the community. From the bottom, the “poor” or D list properties can be VERY difficult, simply because the quality of the residents tend to be poor as well. If they don’t do thorough background checks you will have illegal immigrants that will vacate the apartment without notice making it very difficult to keep apartments occupied and your numbers good. Now, its a world of difference when working at a good property, but there are their downsides. People pay more for an apartment so they expect more and can be downright snobs. You will in general get better residents which make working there much much easier. You usually get $10 – 13 per hour with either a commission per lease or bonus if your community in whole meets their goals and budget. Otherwise it can be a pretty cake job, lots of paperwork but also lots of down time to do whatever you want. Its not just a sit at your desk and be bored all day job either, you get out of the office to show apartments and move around. All around, I’d say go for it.

Paul asks…

who owns the mailbox at my apartment?

The mailboxes at my apt are in ill repair. Is it the apartment complexes job to fix them or the post office?

Administrator answers:

The complex and there is a standard set by the post office so they might be the ones to complain to if your mail is getting wet or lost? See?

George asks…

How much does an Assitant Manager for an apartment complex usually make?

What does a leasing agent or Asst. Mgr. for an apartment complex make? what are the usual benefits in that type of job? DO some give you free rent there? and some offer bonus programs, what are those like? And I am in the midwest if that helps….KS to be exact

Administrator answers:

In California, it’s like 20% off of the rent, and roughly 1200 a month. Right around there, probably. Bonuses can include about $25 per rental, maybe $30 for referring someone to rent a fridge or something with a company the property has an agreement with.

Daniel asks…

What does it take to be an assistant manager for an apartment complex?

This is the second apartment complex that I have moved into now where the assistant managers have helped me get the place. They are young probably mid 20′s and really friendly.

What sort of schooling is needed to become an apartment manager? Or what does it take to become one? What are the duties? Is it a pretty simple job? I might be interested in taking it on career wise.

Administrator answers:

Usually they know the landlord and have some sort of experience that is useful to the landlord. Most of these arrangements start informally, especially in the smaller to medium-sized buildings. Assistant managers usually work part-time so the manager can have some time off. They show vacant units, answer phone inquiries, make sure applications are filled out completely and give them to the owner or manager. They handle emergencies while they are on duty, the most common being someone locked themselves out of their unit in the middle of the night — and it’s the asst mgr who gets to deal with this stuff.

No pay. Usually only a reduction in rent. While it can be a good job, worthwhile, it’s never more than a second job to get reduced rent. Even most apartment managers have a full or part-time job. You cannot live on free rent, though it certainly is helpful.

If you are talking about professional management for a large, corporate-owned complex (usually more than 100 units), then you need a real estate license, and start with a job in the management company. You will, of course, have a degree. And many have experience, e.g. Their parents owned investment property and they helped, or they started with a landlord who liked them. They got some experience somehow.

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