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Your Questions About Apartment Complex Names

November 14, 2012

Chris asks…

What are the names of apartment complexes in Lexington Tennessee?

I am recently relocating to Lexington TN and am looking for an apartment. Does anyone know anything about this city or the names of any apartment complexes that are affordable and nice?

Administrator answers:

If you google the city, it will give you property management companies you can see what they are offering
and it might be wise to get the newspaper to see what is being advertised to rent

Sandra asks…

Can I get an apartment complex name who accepts pits near mira mesa, san diego?

Administrator answers:

Hopefully none!

Ken asks…

can anyone think of good names to name a new apartment s complex?

please just think of a good 1 help me out (i will use your ideas)

Administrator answers:





Paul asks…

Apartment complex new owners lease requirements?

My apartment complex was purchased and the new owners have changed the name of the complex. Are they required to give the tenants a new lease with the new apartment name on it? Does the old lease with the old name become void? I am not sure of the laws on this in the state of Texas. Any help would be appreciated!


Administrator answers:

Your lease is not affected by this change of ownership, even though the name of the property has been changed. Your lease(s) remain fully binding until they expire.

Ruth asks…

Looking For Recomendations, names of Apartment complex’s, condo’s in Marina Del Rey,CA?

I am in the process of relocating from San Diego to the Los Angeles area to be closer to my son who’s near Woodland Hills area. I am self employed. I will be working from my home office. Marina Del Rey area was recomended. I not crazy about moving up to the Valley, where its very hot especially in the summer time. Does anyone live in the Marina Del Rey area? I would appreciate it if you could send me information on places to live what are the pro’s and con’s living in this area.

Thank you

Administrator answers:

Try some of these.


Carol asks…

What is the name of the apartment complex?

This apartment complex is located in Gallatin, Tennessee behind an O’Charlies resturant on Nashville Pike(it is a street but not called street in the name) and it is about a minute from the Walmart.

Administrator answers:

Littlestone of Village Green. It’s in an area called Village Green Crossings. The street is Village Green Blvd.

Joseph asks…

how can i find a name of an apartment complex in NM by only having the street address?

is there a website i can go to, enter the address and i can get the complex name?

Administrator answers:

Try or

Lizzie asks…

What are the names of the apartment complexes in galveston that were built after year 2000?

I wnat to move to a newer apartment complex on galveston island. I am very surprised that so far all the aparmtnets i came across looked old. I want list of apartments built in the 21st century aka after 2000. thanks

Administrator answers:

Sorry, but no one takes the time to compile such a specific database which would only be of use to a handful of people.You might try the region’s assessors office or website, but I really don’t think that they will have the date of construction info that you are looking for.

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