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Your Questions About Apartment Complex Names

May 27, 2013

Daniel asks…

Needing names for a luxury apartment complex in Midwestern town.?

South part of town

Administrator answers:

Greene Acres

Ken asks…

Can an apartment complex tell if your name is on a current lease?

I am currently in a lease with another roommate, but certain circumstances have made it unbearable for me to stay. I am unable to get my name off of the lease until end of March. I know that I can only have my name on one lease at a time but my question is, if I apply at another apartment complex, will they be able to tell if my name is still on a current lease at another complex?

Administrator answers:

The fact that you live there will show up on your credit report. The odds of them calling your present landlord are about 90%

Sharon asks…

how do i find out the corporate office name of my apartment complex?

I called my apartment complex ‘s office and requested the name of there corporate office so i could complain about things they do not do and she would not give me the name until i told her what apartment i lived in of course i did not tell her and i hung up on her .Why won’t they just tell me if there is nothing wrong?

Administrator answers:

You can go to the assessor’s office and look up the parcel number and the owner

Mary asks…

Does anyone have any names of apartment complexes in Pacific Beach?

I have been told that pacific beach is the best place for college student to live in san diego by people from this web site so i was then wondering if anyone has actual expierence living there or if anyone know of an particular apartments that might be good for me there as a college student.

Administrator answers:

Try these links out too: a local paper

Joseph asks…

Who do I sue from an apartment complex if I can’t find out who the owner is in Texas?

Can I sue the name of the apartment complex? Or do I need to find a person? The building is a few years old but IS NOT listed in the apprasial records! It shows it to be a blank piece of land. Should I sue the owner of the land itself? Thanks.

Administrator answers:

The owner of an apartment complex is part of public record and easily accessible through your county/city clerks office. Its would be included as part of the freedom of information act. But you may have to pay an administrative fee to find out. Then you proceed. But your lawyer should already know this.

The owner may not be on appraisal records, but should be on the deed to the property.

Susan asks…

How can I find out who owns the apartment complex i live in?

im trying to find out who owns my apartment complex; the manager has refused to give me the info and i have searched and searched for this info to no avail. what i did find out was minimal, and gave me a company by the name of kae but no number and thats NOT the name of the apartment complex i live in. The manager sucks and i need to report her work ethics to the owner of the property as i think they would be interested in knowing they have nothing but alcoholics running the building!! any advice is appreciated

Administrator answers:

All of that information is public record. Do a search on the county that you live in and find the property appraiser’s website then search by address to get the owner’s name and address. If it comes up as a corporation-many will. Then go to the search for the state department of corporations. That will give you the officers. Then google or go to for phone numbers. Good luck.

Betty asks…

Does “Yesterday Gardens” sound like a good name for an apartment complex?

My next business pursuit is to open up an apartment complex and I might call it that.

One thing about it I have yet to decide on is if I should have it be for seniors or young adults. I just want it to be for one or the other.

Administrator answers:

Sounds more like a Cemetery


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