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July 10, 2013

Mary asks…

How can I find out who owns the apartment complex i love in?

im trying to find out who owns my apartment complex; the manager has refused to give me the info and i have searched and searched for this info to no avail. what i did find out was minimal, and gave me a company by the name of kae but no number and thats NOT the name of the apartment complex i live in. The manager sucks and i need to report her work ethics to the owner of the property as i think they would be interested in knowing they have nothing but alcoholics running the building!! any advice is appreciated

Administrator answers:

The Tax records are public and probably on-line. The address may be the local management company (that would be a pain). Once you at least get the company name you could do a Google search for that company or ask at the local library and you could get that address that way.

Helen asks…

Can my apartment complex take my name off the electric bill and replace it with theirs?

We pay every bill on time and stay quiet and to ourselves so i don’t see why they would have a ‘reason’ for it, but if anybody knows of a possible reason, please let me know. We’re going to talk with them monday when they open, but if this gives me probable cause to break my lease, i definitely will

Administrator answers:

They own the building, so they can. What’s the downside? How does this hurt you? And how and why would this be cause to break your lease?

Laura asks…

does anyone have any names of apartment complexes in Avondale or Goodyear AZ?

I will be moving to one of these areas from indiana and i wanted to know if anyone has any input in these areas for safe places and decent places to live thanks

Administrator answers:

I lived in Aventura Apartment Homes in Avondale for a year. It’s on 103rd Ave and McDowell Rd. It’s a Pillar community, which is very high end. So, that being said, it’s a gorgeous comunity with amazing staff and an awesomely reasonable monthly rate. I think we paid $739 a month for a 2bd/2ba 1139 sq ft apartment, and this was only two years ago.

I loved living here and hated having to move up north. If my job now was out in the west valley, I would move back there in a heartbeat. It’s gated, the maintenance team works quickly, it has several ammenities, and it’s just overall a good place to live. I looked at others in the area for a few months before choosing this one, and this was definitely the most reasonable for the extremely high quality.

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