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June 20, 2012

Jenny asks…

Looking for some affordable apartment complex names in albuqurque nm?

Considering moving there looking for phone numbers adresses. To places that I can rent that are affordable,and close to a bus line?

Administrator answers:

Then you pay a local realtor to find what you want. Advertising here is useless

Ken asks…

Going to look at an apartment to rent, but the guy won’t tell us the Complex Name until we get there?

Ya, so it sounds a little strange to me. The man is a broker and we found his add for an apartment for rent in Florida on Craigslist. I called about seeing them and he gave me the crossroads, but said he can’t tell me the Apartment Complex Name until I make an appointment and then he will show them to me. Is there a reason for this or does this sound suspicious to you?

Administrator answers:

I list all my vacancies on Craigslist. For every ten resposes I get, two are usually trying to scam me in one way or another.

I’ve had everything from gov’t agencies checking up on me, bird doggers trying to find apts for illegals, competitors looking for comparison info, to nigerian scammers. After a while, I got a little protective of my properties identity when dealing w/ CL responses.

Whether you know it or not, the tenant screening process starts when you respond to an ad. When one of the first questions I get is, “what’s the address”, that’s a red flag to me. Myabe if you asked some serious questions about the apt, or actually made an appointment to see it, you would have gotten the info you desire.

Sandra asks…

I need to know about an apartment complex in Bullhead City?

Hi- recently an apartment complex in Bullhead City,AZ has caught fire. A few friends of mine live there,I am freaking out. The apartment complex name is: Canyone Walk Apartments. Zipcode:86429. Thanks. My question is,where can I find an online paper with this article? If you find an article, please tell me the URL.
**Canyon Walk Apartments

Administrator answers:

Most local papers have a web site. Type it in and follow the leads

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