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December 6, 2012

Sandy asks…

Which apartment complex in/around Orlando is the best bang for your buck?

Looking for the best complex in/around Orlando for the $. We want a nice quiet peaceful community where we feel safe. Also, we want something not too far out in the middle of nowhere. I work in downtown so I want it to not take a really long time to get to. I am looking to get the best possible for 750-850 per month for a 1br 1ba.

I don’t really trust the apartment review sites as they are usually only the angry people posting.

Administrator answers:

There’s not many places that are “safe” in Orlando right now. Crime has gotten completely out of control. The best deals would probably be out near hwy 27. But that is in Clermont and about 20 miles away.

Laura asks…

What is a good apartment complex in Staten Island?

My husband and I will be moving to Staten Island in the summer, we have two kids. I was looking online at the reviews for the apartments and was surprised to see many bad reviews. Could anyone please recommend an apartment complex that is nice, safe, and has nice neighbors.
I went to and all of the 6 apartments had really bad reviews.
The kids will be 1 and 5!

Administrator answers:

Hi (: i do not know the name of one, it is in the old town section of the island, near lincoln avenue. Pretty nice. I would not recommend any of the berry homes or projects. The tysens apartments arent TOO bad either. How old are the kids, thats a big factor in your decision.

Charles asks…

Are there any good apartment complex in the Hillsborough county Florida area?

I am relocating to Hillsborough county Florida and need to find a good apartment complex for a family to live in. I am looking in these cities in Florida, Brandon, riverview, tampa, valrico, westchase, and wesley chapel. I have found some apartments, but they all have bad reviews so I don’t know what to do. My price range is less then $1,000 for a 3 or 4 bedroom. Help Please!!

Administrator answers:

I have found a very useful site in the past. They usually have specific pages for specific regions…i found one for Hillsborough county,

Hope this helps!

Ken asks…

I am about to sign a lease with an apartment complex, but I just went online and read the reviews….?

Well, I’ve been looking for apartments since a good friend passed away and left me his puppy (but my apartment complex does not accept pets). I looked and looked, and finally I found a place that looked really nice and even got a tour. My mom went with me and really liked it as well, but the reviews I’ve been reading about it (Creekside Apartment Homes, Simi Valley, CA.) are not too good at all… of course you would expect both bad and good reviews, but I’ve mostly been able to read bad ones, and they all include insects, mold, break-ins, police being called, etc… Now, from my perspective, the way I see it is that there are 395 apartments in the complex, and obviously if someone does not take care of their place, they end up with bugs and mold. Also, in every place as big as this one, you can’t help but have either noisy neighbors, or other stuff bugging you- that’s what you usually get when you rent an apartment.
The people there have been extremely nice, and it looks and feels like a pretty nice community… should I be worried and lose the $100 hold and $60 in app fees, or just give it a try anyway? Either way, it’s just a 1 year lease. And another question- should I live upstairs rather than on the lower level? I’ve heard that there are more break-ins in 1st floor apartments than 2nd floor ones…….

Administrator answers:

Usually those “reviews” are written by low life’s that are holding a grudge because they were evicted, etc.

You should go by the apartment complex at night though and look around a little bit. The way it is in the afternoon may be vastly different then night. You may also find tenants in the evening who are willing to talk to you.

You can get information about police activity from the police, they usually have a community service office somewhere. This is public information, you can get a print out of when they were called and what for (no names or exact apartments will be given to you).

Daniel asks…

what are good websites to find reviews of apartment complexes?

Administrator answers:

Hey there

you can try to find some good research and reviews at
and if you need commercial reviews or other ratings try

good luck

Steven asks…

When an apartment complex says “central AC/heating” what does that mean? Are all rooms the same all the time?

I am going to be moving into an apartment complex that has “central heating” and “central A/C”. Does this mean that I can’t control what temperature my room is, and that the managers change the temperature for all the rooms in the building? People who reviewed the apartment say that it gets too hot or too cold easily, so this makes me think that I don’t have control over it. Is that what “Central heating” and “Centrals A/C” mean?

Administrator answers:

Getting too hot or too cold is probably due to tenants not turning off the control in their unit when they have a window open.

If the central A/C has to try to cool off your entire city when a window is open, it will kick into high gear. Same in reverse for heating.

It also depends on where you live in the building. If the central A/C is on the roof and you are one floor away, you will get better temps and more stable temps. Bottom floor you may not get anything.

Lastly, central systems tend to produce mold and mildew. Personally I would not live or rent in such a building. Get a window unit. Cheaper, more efficient and when it does get noisy, they help block noise so you can sleep.

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