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June 11, 2013

Joseph asks…

Is there a website I can look at crime rates for a specific apartment complex in Cincinnati, Ohio?

Im considering moving to a new area and i want to check out the crime rates and possibly the reviews for that complex. what website can i look that up?

Administrator answers:

Well not sure about crime rates but you can go to

and it will give you feedback on apartments.

From experience DO NOT move to fairfield pointe located in fairfield….it is the absolute worst place you can imagine. I wrote a review about it and our time there. So pretty from the outside but please dont fall for it LOL…good luck and i hope that helps. Sorry idk about the crime rates

Donna asks…

Can anyone help me out with apartment reviews?

I’m in Phoenix, Arizona, looking for an apartment complex near 19th and Northern. I’m not used to that area, and so, I’m having trouble figuring out which apartment complexes are considered safe, or what parts of that general area are considered bad. There are more than a dozen complexes within even just a mile of my target area, and so far (either it being from my lack of internet know-how, or a real, true absence of them) I cannot find any reviews online about the complexes, or management.

I’m aware that a lot of people who own businesses like this tend to make fake accounts and write down positive reviews for themselves even if they’re blatant lies, just to try and pull in new customers. I need help finding a website that will give me real reviews, be them good or bad. Phoenix in itself isn’t the best city in the world as far as safety goes, and I know that, I’m just trying to be smart about where I’m potentially going to be moving to.

Administrator answers:

Check, have found their reviews to be pretty factual.

Thomas asks…

Should I Trust The Reviews On Apartment Rating Sites?

I’m Looking For An Apartment In Arlington/Grand Prairie TX And Seem To Have Found Some Good Ones ( I Think Anyway.) I Found This Website That Lets You Rate The Apartment Complex, But It Seems That Everyone Has Something Bad To Say About Them. These Are Some Pretty Upscale Apartments Too, Anyway I Don’t Know If I Should Trust The Ratings Or Not. I Don’t Want To Move Into An Apartment And End Up Hating It. Has Anyone Had Experience With These Websites And Found Them False??

Administrator answers:

I live in a building where some people complain all the time, i know that things are not perfect here, but i love the location, i feel safe and for me the little things that people here complain seem to be a huge waste of energy. I guess you should find out exactly what bad things they are saying and decide if that’s something that would bother you or not.

Maria asks…

where is the best place to complain about an apartment complex?

I live in the presidential towers in Chicago, part of waterton residentials.. i think it’s a pretty big company since they have apartment complexes all across the US. I just want to complain about their horrible customer service and explain my experiencei had while living there. Where is the best place to complain about something like this?? better business bureau?? and if i do, will it even do anything? (i’ve heard that if a business gets enough bad reviews from the better business bureau, they have to be shut down or something..)

Administrator answers:

You heard incorrectly. The Better Business Bureau has no such powers. The BBB has more of an ‘intermediary role’ than anything else. It forwards complaints it receives to the business in question. “Horrible customer service’ is not any reason to put a company out of business. However, if you want to write a negative review, you can do so at the supplied URL.

Susan asks…

Is renting a corner apartment in a complex that much better than renting one in the middle?

Looking at getting an apartment in a few complexes and I’ve seen reviews about some of them are negative because of “paper thin walls”. Is this just because they are renting one somewhere in the middle of the complex? Would it be that much better if I got a corner apartment?

Administrator answers:

Paper thin walls are usually due to how old the building is and how well built and maintained. There are ways you can sound proof your place but you’d need to get your landlord’s permission.

An end/corner apartment obviously shares fewer walls with the others.

A top floor apartment is the better choice. You have no one above you making noise. Stairs might be a pain but you could get lucky and rent from a place that has an elevator.

Mary asks…

Is it possible to live roach-free in an apartment complex where others have roach problems?

I’m a student looking for an apartment. I found a place that looks good except a cople of reviews cite roach problems. If I frequently “bomb” (with those Raid fumigators) and maybe hire a monthly pest service in addition to the one provided, will I still have roaches?

Administrator answers:

Yeah i think so i used to live in apartments and i would do everything to get rid of them and they would die and dissapear but a few weeks later i had them again.i guess its because mostly all apartments got them and roaches tend to go to one place to the i really dont think they will be gone for good.

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