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July 24, 2013

Carol asks…

Can i use apartment reviews in court?

I was looking online and i did a search about the apartment complex that is suing me andi ran across and abundent amount of reviews from several people who stayed and are still staying at the complex who had alot of horrible things to say. Some of them even had the same problem i did and was the reason i moved out. I was wandering if the reviews would gain me some ground to showing the judge just how many people say the same exact thing i did about the apartment and to try to gain ground since i dont have evidence of my bathroom leak that went unfixed. heres the link if u guys wanna check out the reviews……

Administrator answers:

I would say the judge is probably going to say it’s inadmissable as hear-say but there is no reason why you can’t try, just bring them try to find reviews that are similar to your complaint, if he doesn’t allow them, no harm done.

Mandy asks…

Moving to San Diego – Advice on Apartment Complex?

I’m looking for a safe and quiet area to live; 1-bedroom apartment rent $1200-1800. Any recommendation on specific apartment complex, I have checked all the rental websites and read the reviews but they are mostly contradicting that I’m now confused.

Administrator answers:

The best advice I can give is to buy a place close to where you will work. This will save you tons of time, and money in the lng run. I am a real estate agent here, and know the area pretty well. I help people find renters for thier property, so I should be able to help you find the place you want. For that kind of payment you will be able to find something just about anywhere.I would simply need to know your preferences. Give me a call and we can set somthing up. Ron (619)379-2063

Linda asks…

Looking for a decent Apartment Complex in Las Vegas Area.?

I will be moving to the Las Vegas area in about 7 months and am looking for an apartment complex that is decent. I have read many reviews on that trash most places. I am looking for somewhere that is affordable, but that I won’t have to worry about getting broken into or dealing with low lifes.

Administrator answers:

I’ll help you out. Check out Camden Del Mar on Charleston and Ft. Apache. Or Rancho Destino or any other in the Lakes, Peccole Ranch area. Summerlin is very good. Stay west of Buffalo. Ask about courtesy patrol and check out LVPD website regarding crimes in the neighborhood. I used to work (`10 years) in property management in Las Vegas in the areas I just told you and for the most you can find some places with decent rents in great areas.

Laura asks…

What is a safe apartment complex to live in, in Phoenix, AZ? ?

Every apt complex I’ve looked into has the worst reviews possible. Where should I live? Or at least what is a good rental website for apartments?

Administrator answers:

Anywhere in Scottsdale North of Mcdowell. The rest of Phx is hit or miss move here and see for yourself. Alot of spots in North Phx, Paradise Valley,East valley, Biltmore are nice so dig a little deeper into these areas if not Scottsdale because they all have their trouble complexes.

William asks…

Any reviews about Hillcrest Apartment Townhomes in Novato? We are planning to move there. Please suggest.?

We are looking for apartments near san rafael/novato. We came across this Hillcrest apartment in 199 Posada Del sol. We couldn’t find any reviews for the property. So, anyone near or living in the apartment complex. Please suggest.

Administrator answers:

It is close to the freeway, Hwy 101, which will be noisy. I recommend finding a rental west and north of there, away from the freeway. The prices will be the same. I don’t live in Novato, but in the same general area. There are many apartments available. Novato is less expensive than San Rafael. Are you commuting to San Francisco or Santa Rosa to work?

Helen asks…

Can you cancel an apartment lease contract the day after signing?

I signed a lease today after work but later after further research, I found out about many awful reviews about the apartment complex. I would like to either cancel the lease of discuss in more detail the stipulations of my contract.

Thanks for reading.
I meant to say “cancel the lease *or discuss in more detail”

Administrator answers:

Read the lease carefully to find out what kinds of penalties you would be subjected to. In many cases, if you break a lease, you will have to pay rent until they find another lessee.

Keep in mind that online reviews aren’t necessarily giving you the whole truth. Usually people only write reviews if they were unsatisfied, and it could be that the majority of people there are satisfied. Also, there are some things about apartment life that suck but that you have to accept, such as loud neighbors or getting ripped off from your security deposit. And it’s very possible that the management has changed since those reviews were written.

John asks…

I need an honest opinion Is the preserve at cress creek in naperville a nice apartment complex?

Me my wife and 9 month old have recently look at these apartments and love the layout and the lady giving us the tour was awsome but after reading reviews I am a little weary I need an honest answer maybe from someone who lives there please dont bother if your a disgruntled past tennant im looking for honest help thank you….

Administrator answers:

On it sites are good top links for decisions of your problem

George asks…

How do I determine if I have a case for a misleading contract against my apartment complex?

When I moved into my apartment I was told by the leasing agent that I was paying a $299 deposit. Like most people I took her word that everything was legit and signed the agreement. After reviewing the agreement I found out that a $299 deposit is really a $49.00 deposit and $250.00 non refundable administrative fee. Is there anything I can do because I feel like I just got screwed heavily.

Administrator answers:

Do they advertise the $299 deposit? If so, see if they have “fine print” in that advertising. If not, you have several options. You can contact the BBB for misleading advertising, you can contact an attorney, who will advise you to take this to small claims court. You might be able to get assistance with the court costs depending on your system there. Or you can write a letter to the owner of the apartment complex, stating that since you were verbally informed it was a “deposit” that you didn’t read the fine print, however, after doing so, you discovered you had been mislead and inform them you are willing to take action against the complex. Keep in mind, should you do any of the above, with the exception of contacting the BBB, (Better Business Bureau) you will most likely be out a place to live when your lease is up, or before if your lease is found to be null and void.

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