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July 30, 2013

Linda asks…

How can a group of home owners stop an apartment development from being built?

I live in an upper middle class residential neighborhood. There was a 20 acre lot for sale behind one side of our street, which we were assured was not going to be used to build apartments. But, we were informed today(as they started clearing trees) that there are plans in place to build a 100+ unit apartment complex. This will have negative impact on our home values in this already suffering market. Does anyone have any advice on how we (the home owners) could try to stop this from taking place?

Administrator answers:

You can only attempt to contact the municipal council or whatever you have in hopes of reversing the zoning of the parcel involved. However, you will have to have FAR more than concerns about reduced property values, since there is no way to guarantee that this will actually occur.

Given that trees are already being cleared, I’d venture this project is too far along to reverse.

You and your neighbors should have checked zoning application changes when they were requested, and been present at the council meetings to object at that time. You’re probably too late now.

Robert asks…

Living in apartment complex and my car broke down on property but being for sale on market?

Okay—drama…when it rains it pours…I have been living in an apartment complex in Tampa and my used car finally gave its last breath…the transmisson needs to be fixed…but the car is still operable but I dont take chance driving anymore!! I am just lucky that my job is like 2miles away. Here is the question–I get a sticker on my car that my car will be towed in 48 hours due too expired tags-I didnt renew my tags cause the car is not worth the money and since I am not driving the car why should I pay for insurance since I am not driving this car. —I called the tow center and they will work with the leasing office and she was very UNDERSTANDING and she just told me to make contact with office management and make sure they know thats its my car and I do reside in complex. I am soooo stressed–my mom is sick and I am flying to Califonia today and will be back the following day. I have never lived in apartment complexs and this is the first time i encountered this problem. If anyone out there can add a positive Note to my problem that would be helpful!

Administrator answers:

It is against the law in most municipality’s to park a vehicle that is not registered. My suggestion would be to move the car and put a car cover over it for now. When you get back put the car up for sale.

Have a safe flight!

Chris asks…

Can I get away with taking my trained indoor cat into an apartment I have bought in a no pets complex?

Okay, I am planning to move to Brisbane for University and there are apartments for sale in the UniLodge there which pretty much work out cheaper to buy than rent. I have a small cat that has never been outside in his life and has been trained as a well behaved indoor cat and I was just wondering if I would get away with it. I mean he never meows, its on like the 20th floor so he wont be seen from a window and my room wont be inspected. When I look on the Unilodge website for those that rent it says that the complex has a strict no pets policy but I think i can get away with sneaking him in, I mean it will be my apartment.

What do you think?

Administrator answers:

If you are going to purchase a unit, not rent it, and the website says that renters cannot have pets, I would think that you can move in with your cat – if you buy and don’t rent.

The prohibition about pets for renters is there because the owners are afraid that pets could damage the property. We all know that most cats do not cause any damage but the owners of the apartments set the rules.

But, if you buy the place, the situation is different. If you own it and your cat damages something or urinates badly on the carpet, or whatever, you are the one who will have to pay to repair or replace the damaged object.

I would double, maybe triple, check this out by calling them and asking them if there is any rule against pets in apartments that are purchased.

But – if you do rent —- sure, you could sneak him in but what if the manager has to let in a plumber to fix a pipe the burst while you aren’t there?

They would probably see the cat or the litter box or such.

The manager or other person may have to get into your apartment when you aren’t there for any of a number of perfectly valid reasons.

If they find your cat, they could evict you.

So – if you intend to buy a place, double check about pets.

If you intend to rent and take your cat with you, if you get caught they could evict you.

Paul asks…

Where should I sell my games?

I have a bunch of gamcube games to sell, but Gamespot is a rip off(I got a gamecube game for like 30 bucks and they wanted it for 6 dollars)and i’m trying to save up like 200 dollars. I tried to sell stuff in the classifieds, but they want like 20 extra dollars for each line which I think is a complete rip off, and you can’t give enough good info about the game. Ebay is a no-no too. I mean, I don’t want to pay to sell my game….what’s the point then? I don’t have a game crazy near by, but 2 gamespots. I would like to sell them at school, but noone I know has a gamecube, and i’m afraid they might get stolen. I could find an alternative way to earn money, but I can’t have a yard sale(my apartment complex won’t allow it)I can’t do a paper route(there are no newspaper companies in the area) so I don’t really have many options. Anything you can suggest?…
For 1:Read the entire thing before answering! I dont want to use gamestop because they are waaay to ripoffy! And dosen’t ebay charge you to put your items on there? I want to sell my games with no fees.

Administrator answers:

Microcenter gives you more than gamestop.

Richard asks…

If you work at an apartment complex can you get free rent?

Im getting a job in the sales department of the leasing office and am looking for an apartment at the same time surely they wouldnt want me living in a different complex that is competition to them, can i get rent for free or a discount off?

Administrator answers:

You will need to ask them. They should have told you when you were hired.

Keep in mind that the apartment will be part of the job, if you lose the job you need to vacate not only the office, but the apartment too. You are not evicted like a renter, but bodily removed like a disgruntled ex-employee.

Joseph asks…

Where can I have a yard sale?

I live in an apartment complex in a gated community and need to have a yard sale, but I can’t do it here. I’ve tried searching for places where I can set up a few tables to have the sale, but came up with nothing. Does anyone know how I can go about finding a place to hold a yard sale?

Administrator answers:

Ask local churches if they have any community sales planned.

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