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June 6, 2012

Thomas asks…

Do you have a 24 unit or bigger apartment complex for sale…?

I am looking to buy large apartment complexes that have been for sale a long time. I am not looking to low ball, looking for someone who wants to make a win/win deal. Preferably in Texas.

Administrator answers:

If you are looking in the Sacramento, CA , Oakland, CA; San Francisco, CA, Los Angeles, CA; Pasadena, CA I can help you. Email me and I will set you up on daily emails. Talk to you soon

Mark asks…

How to see if my apartment complex is for sale?

I suspect that my apartment complex is on the market? Is there a website somewhere that I can check this?

Administrator answers:

Not unless the owner asks to have it listed in the Multiple Listing Services (MLS). The seller doesn’t have to do that.

Lisa asks…

I am looking for an apartment complex for sale in Seguin, Texas?

Administrator answers:

Are you looking for an income property (the complex) or just an apartment. There are plenty of differen’t types of income properties, however not many of will produce the type of return that you are looking for. Unfortunatly its hard to find and agent that knows the difference. Most Agents today happen to be successful because of a booming real estate market. The reality of it is, the market is way oversaturated by agents that do not know the first thing about whats what. As soon as the market starts to plateu, these agents will be struggling. If you are interested in listings with positive return, then you need an agent that does market research, and will find you a property that will give you a return on your downpayment from the actual rents, not just the appreciation of the equity(which is most agents selling point, but really who knows how long it will take to make a little bit of money of appreciation?). If you have any questions or would like to look at some listing please contact me at

Paul asks…

im trying to find an apartment complex for sale in the san francisco bay area perferably a 23 unit?

Administrator answers:

What about 22 or 24? Is there something special about 23?

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