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Your Questions About Apartment Complexes In Los Angeles

August 15, 2012

Michael asks…

What is the name of the apartment complex in Los Angeles, LC and her roomate live in on MTV’s The Hills?

Administrator answers:

On one of the episodes someone said; “Hillside Villas”, I remember thinking that seems like a security risk, letting it be known where they live.

Susan asks…

Where are the best and safest places to rent affordable apartments in Los Angeles, San Francisco and New York?

I am applying for jobs at UCLA, UCSF and a number of colleges in New York. I have only ever lived in Georgia where you see apartment complexes everywhere. If I am successful with my applications, I would need to find somewhere to live and am trying to find out where the safest places to live are and what is affordable in those three cities.

Administrator answers:

You can check for apartments near the colleges/universities of which you are applying. They should be better for commute purposes and I would think fairly nice housing. Check out this link…

Good Luck!

Sandra asks…

I am moving to Los Angeles and Im looking for a safe/nice apartment complex?

I prefer to live in the west hollywood area. I am moving there at the end of February and I am soooo excited!!

I need to find an apartment complex that is in a safe area and is a nice place to live – complete with gym.

I have been looking into the Park La Brea apartments already. If there is anything else – LET ME KNOW!!

Thanks :-)

Administrator answers:

To add to what Peddlepup said, go to Raleigh, NC and you’ll see SO MANY California license plates on cars there. You can even ask them if they are visiting and almost all of them will say, “I moved here.”

Many of them migrated to NC from CA, because of prices and haven’t regretted their move. Their $600,000 2bd, 1ba home in West Hollywood bought them a mansion in Raleigh, NC.

My aunt who lives in Raleigh even says that she’s noticed a lot of out of state people moving. The majority being California and New York.

Mary asks…

I need to take my apartment complex to small claims… but the owner of the property is in a different county.

I need to take my previous apartment complex to court buy I have a question about who I should sue and in which county I should do it in. I live in Los Angeles county in Southern California. I rented from an apartment complex in Los Angeles county. All my checks were made out to the apartment complex and I only delt with this apartment complex.

However, after checking on some things it looks like I need to sue the owner of the complex (not the complex itself). So, I checked and the owner is located in Northern California and is an LLC. Knowing that, do I sue my apartment complex down here in Los Angeles county or do I sue the owner located in Northern California?

Also, if I need to go after the owner of the property in Northern California I’m assuming I need to file a claim in their county’s small claim court? That would mean when my court date comes up I’ll need to travel up to their county to plead my case.

Administrator answers:

Actually, you can file it in Los Angeles, because that’s where the contract was signed and was breached. Plus, they obviously do business there, in that they own that complex, so suing them in LA is perfectly legal.

But to serve them, you need to go to the CA Secretary of State’s webpage and to the corporations information page (LLC’s too). Look up the company and serve the complaint to the person listed as the agent for service of process.

I am a paralegal in California, I’ve done this before. IM me if you need more help. :)

Paul asks…

apartments in Los Angeles?

I am planning on move to the Los Angeles area. I would like to know the best/safest areas.I do not want to be in Hollywood..a little more west (closer to the ocean) Prices? Even names of some apartment complexes would be great.

Administrator answers:

Before you come here you need to line up a job. You live within 5-10 miles of that job. If you move to the area West of Hollywood, you will eventually find a job in some place like Pomona and have a horrible commute.

Lizzie asks…

Where were the Chinese Gardens apartments in Hollywood or Los Angeles located around 1950?

Around the 1940s and through the 1950s, there was an apartment complex called the Chinese Gardens. I believe it was located in Hollywood, CA but it could have been located elsewhere in the greater Los Angeles area. Does anyone know where this apartment complex was located?

Administrator answers:

Found out on internet that it used to be located on what is now Olvera St and was built in 1935.

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