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Your Questions About Apartment Complexes In Los Angeles

July 12, 2013

Sandra asks…

I just saw a man attempt to kick down my neighbor’s door across from me. What do I do?

It’s 2:55am where I live, the event happened exactly 15min ago. I live in an apartment complex in Los Angeles, and my neighbor lives about two yards across from me. I’d very much either like to call the police, but I’m afraid I might become a target. What are my options, BESIDES pretending it never happened?

Administrator answers:

Call the cops…it is the right thing to do and you would want someone to do that for you… When the police investigate, make it clear that you fear retaliation and ask their advice about self-protection.

Good luck!

Richard asks…

Where is a good place in Los Angeles to live?

I don’t want to live in the heart of the city, but really close, so that i could get there quickly if I needed to. And preferably a safe area. Not an apartment complex. Does anyone have any ideas?

Administrator answers:

Hollywood Hills in Beechwood Canyon under the sign near Lake Hollywood and Doggie park.

Venice beach for the character.

Santa Monica so you’re close to the beach and shopping.

Quiet you want and beach like? Try Mar Vista or one of those funky bungalows in Hermosa or Redondo.

Topanga for the funk.

Stay away from the Valleys. They are big time hot.

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