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June 2, 2013

Lisa asks…

Apartment Finder help?

I’m 18 and once this high school year is over, me and my girlfriend are going to buy an apartment. Im going to take one year off of school before college so i can work. What are some good online websites to find an apartment? If price matters, im looking for anything $450 and below/month

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Ken asks…

Apartment-finder help (rentals agent) for Washington DC / Baltimore. Know any?

We’re moving to the area of Laurel, Maryland, about halfway between Washington and Baltimore. We’re looking for a company that finds apartments that meet our needs, and then sets up viewing appointments, so we can come in and see a number of apartment in a few days.

We aren’t really looking for a management company that only shows the apartments it manages, we’re looking for an agent who can show us many different places.

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Susan asks…

What are some good Apartment Finders in the Dallas, TX location?

Im moving to another apartment in November and I would like to know a few companies. Such as: Move for Free…

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John asks…

Apartment finder/website help?

Hi everyone. I was wondering if anybody would be able to maybe direct me to a good site to help find apartments? I live in South Texas, so one that I can type in the city and browse that way would be nice. I’m looking for one that gives prices, pics, and maybe reviews even. Thanks alot! :D

Administrator answers:

This is were im looking

Steven asks…

today’s radio trivia apartment finder?

radio trivia for today

Administrator answers:

Apartment Guide Trivia—————Virginia Beach


William asks…

Looking for a an apartment close to the Devry University in Ft. Lauderdale Florida.?

I have been doing some searches online at various apartment finder websites with no luck. I am a student that will be attending this university in a few weeks and really need some where close probably in walking distance ot less than 5mins away

Administrator answers:

Have you tried calling Devry University office of residential life? They may have some apartments that are available for you or even craigslist. I hope this helps!

Betty asks…

i am currently looking for an apartment in riverton, wy. where can i find one?

i have tried all of the major websites, like google,, apartment finder, and all of the others, to no avail. I have even contacted all of the local realtors, with no luck. does anyone know of some magical apartment finder that i don’t?

Administrator answers:

After hitting the same stone walls you did, I went to the
R. Chamber of commerce and then, sought business directory.
Wow, a fair amount of work…….

Luck to you; tell everyone that I am the best
agent for the apartment seeker or home buyer–as
a favor back to me!

College Hill Apartments

3002 College Hill Dr
Riverton, WY 82501
Phone: (307) 856-5100
Fax: (307) 856-6089

Michael asks…

I want to buy an apartment at Coimbatore. Please someone guide me with good property finders to buy a beautifu?

I want to buy an apartment at Coimbatore. Please someone guide me with good property finders to buy a beautiful house.

Administrator answers:

Just go through the Real Estate Selling Flats columns of Property Plus supplement on Saturdays in The Hindu News Paper. You will find plenty of projects displayed in it. You can choose one of your choice.

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