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June 21, 2013

Robert asks…

If you were paying the highest rent in town, what would you do?…Leave or stay?

My apartment is rather expensive…one of the most expensive in my town. I’ve found reasonably comparable apartments in other nearby complexes for $100-200/mo less. I’ve also found local duplexes or privately owned apartments for a lot less money than the ones in complexes, and with less “red tape”/criteria so to speak.

Furthermore, my money situation has been tighter lately ever since I got laid off from one of my jobs last fall. (I lost my full-time job, but am still working two parttime jobs and receiving unemployment. So yes I’m working and making money, but a good portion less than previously…and I was never making a whole lot of money in the first place) I’m able to pay my high rent on time each month, but I live very cheaply and it’s still a bit tight…a little more than half my monthly income.

Last fall when I got laid off, I wanted to move to a cheaper apartment. I’d been living at my apartment for several years so I’d already more than fulfilled my 12month lease and was month-to-month…yet the new landlord, who recently took over and has been creating usurious nickel-and-dime fees for everything, claimed that I was still in a lease and used intimidation (including threatening to sue me if I moved out before spring) so that I’d stay. Everyone told me that she was feeding me b.s. and that I should have challenged her on claiming I still had a so-called “lease” since I never signed anything renewing it. As much as I hate looking like the pushover I am, I gotta admit…her intimidation worked, because I’m still living here.

So along with a high rent apartment + a low income + landlords’ questionable integrity, I found out something else…apparently the landlords are bringing in new tenants and charging them less rent money than they’re charging me!! When I inquired about the new rent prices for lease renewal(more out of curiosity than anything), she told me that she’d cut me a really good deal. She offered to keep my rent amount the same if I resigned the lease, which in normal rental circumstances *would* be a good deal…but NOT if paying the same means paying more than other tenants! I know this new price because 1, it is posted on their ads, and 2, because I had my friend call to ask the prices.

Paying more money than newbie tenants with no prior loyalty, makes me feel stupid for staying and continuing to pay high rent when I know I can find places that are a lot more reasonable…several hundred dollars per month more reasonable!

What would you do if you were me? Stay or go?
Kemperk: Thank you!! I agree 100%! :)

I realize that this question is a no-brainer, but when I posted variants of it last night, I got all the condescending biased landlord girls on Y.A. essentially telling me that I should be glad I have any rent offer at all, and claiming that I’m not being ripped off even though I obviously am.

Thank you for seeing my point, Kemberk. And as for buying a house, I’d LOVE to do this and was planning to do it this year, but unfortunately my job layoff has kinda stinted those plans, at least for the moment. Unfortunately, nobody wants to give a mortgage to somebody who is on unemployment and has no verifiable income, since my two parttime jobs are waitressing/tipped gigs. :( But I definintely want to buy soon before prices go up again!

Administrator answers:

Leave after your lease is up. Move somewhere else.

Sandy asks…

Can I still rent an apartment if I’m temporary laid off for two months, but I am receiving unemployment ben.?

The apartments are for low income.

Administrator answers:

Depends on your age and personal circumstances . You may be able to get housing benefit. Contact your local council.

Laura asks…

where can i find out if i qualify to rent in a low income housing appartment?

where can i find out if i qualify to rent in a low income housing appartment? I dont know if i qualify and cant find the info anywhere. thanks!

Administrator answers:

You have to go to the apartment manager’s office and apply. This is not Section 8 were you fill out one application for approval. There is no universal qualification. You have to apply with each individual complex. Every low income complex has their own guidelines, so you really have to ask them.

Chris asks…

How much will i have to pay for a low income apartment?

If I have no income but my boyfriend makes 8.50 an hour how much would our rent be for a low income based apartment? Oh and if u got a rude comment then don’t answer my question thanks :)

Administrator answers:

Section 8 (low income) apartments aren’t for boyfriend/girlfriends — they’re for families with kids. YOU need to get a job and help out with the finances if you want to get an apartment.

Richard asks…

How do you cope with living on a low income?

Just wondering if anyone has tips on how to live on a low income. I’m a student which prevents me from working as much as I’d like, and I am renting an apartment with my boyfriend so rent is only $340 a month. And then of course there are other expenses, food, utilities, etc. I make about $1,400 a month.

Administrator answers:

Make an inventory of where you and your boyfriend are spending your budget. Have one weekend set aside for no expenditures of money. Call it by your own name: Spartan weekend, Poverty Plus weekend. Try to make fun of less. Sounds a bit zany but I think it will be a plan you will find works for your problem. Beer? Each pays for “his” own!!

Susan asks…

How does HUD work as far as rental assistants for apartments?

I am a full time college student who is living in dorms right now. Next year, me and 3 friends want to get an apartment. We found a 4 bedroom student apartment about 15mins away from the campus.
–the only problem with that is the rent is like $400 a piece….and all of the apartments are like that around here because we live in a college town…… on the website for this paticular apartment, there was a link to the HUD website…….i seen something about Section 8, who gives a voucher to pay for all or most of the rent (according to the site) and then something else for rental assistance, where apartments owners reduce rent to low income tenants….how does this work??? how do i go about getting assistance with the $400 a months, as i said before, im a college student, so i cant afford that…

Administrator answers:

College students are not allowed to stay in Section 8 housing. It is housing for disabled or the elderly or parents who are working. It is not for young adults who are choosing to go to school and not work.

You must be working full time to get Section 8. Then you may only live in government approved section 8 housing. Young able bodied adults like yourselves would be the very last on the list to ever get housing assistance.

You want an apartment. You don’t need an apartment. And you surely do not need 4 bedrooms.

Why are college students now so ready to jump on government assistance? Your generation is really shooting yourself in the foot. You are spoiled and really need to learn to support yourself.

Thomas asks…

How do I find low or fixed income housing for myself in San Jose california?

I’m looking for apartments for non families that have very low rent for people who have no to low income.

Administrator answers:

You go to the Santa Clara County or San Jose city Housing Authority and inquire. If you cannot afford an apartment and you are single, you can rent a room.

David asks…

Do all apartments have to offer low income rent?

If I ask if I can get on low income, do they have to offer it or is it just specific apartments? I live in California.

Administrator answers:

Not sure about California but where I live apartments have to keep a small portion of their units set aside for low income renters if the entire project is over 10 units. However, they fill these units up immediately and they never become vacant so even if they have them its very unlikely you’d get a chance to rent one.

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