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July 14, 2013

Linda asks…

if my parents cosign for a low income apartment will i still qualify?

i need my parents to cosign for an apartment and the only ones i can afford are low income apartments. my parents make way more then the income limit but i make below most income limits. will i still qualify if they cosign?

Administrator answers:

Only thing to do is apply isn’t it…thats how you will know. But, i would say that co signing is nothing more than them guaranteeing the rent will be paid by them if you fail to pay it. Their income is not factored into your qualifications to live in low cost housing.

Laura asks…

Who would I report a neglectful manager too if the apartment complex is owned by the Government?

I live in Kentucky, and my manager is being neglectful of all of the stuff that needs fixing and plus I live in a low income apartment, the manager is increasing my rent up $80, so now its $340, who would I report them too?

Administrator answers:

If you are on housing then contact them and give them the information,and why the $80.00 increase in rent,you definitely want to see why that is happening,I live in an old place and in 13 years the rent has not gone up….

Paul asks…

What rights to tenants of low income housing have?

I live in a subsidized apartment in Oklahoma and the management has said that the Landlord and Tenant Acts doesn’t apply to low income. Is this true? What are the rights of low income renters?

Administrator answers:

The management is confused. It does apply, but then again so does your original rental agreement as long as it doesn’t break any laws of the landlord tenant act of your state. If the management is cheating you, you have the same ability as any other renter to sue them in small claims court, but can not win any of the subsidized money used to help pay your rent. If you send me more details of the issue at hand, I will be glad to make some suggestions.

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