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May 29, 2012

Robert asks…

Child Support and low income rent.?

So i just got back from court and im kinda upset.I don’t make ton of money but i have to pay $91.00 a week and my check is 325 so i dunno what im gonna do i have 2 kids i take care of.This whole thing was a outta no were kinda situation.I live in a low income apartment rent is 365 will CS lower my rent also will it raise my Food Stamps.And i am gonna try and work out something with his mom so i can see him im just worried about my kids i already have i don’t wanna lose what ive worked so hard for.

Administrator answers:

No, your rent will not be lowered based on your expenses. Why isn’t the other parent helping support your other 2 kids?

Food stamps are based on # in household, not on your income.

It sounds like you need a better paying job.

Thomas asks…

How much is the rent for low Income Housing (rentals) in California?

Specifically the bay area. Many cities offer low income housing options for people with low to very low income. These people get to rent apartments for below market value. Does anyone know from personal experience how much the rent is for this kind of housing? I am not talking about section 8. Section 8 lists are closed. Thanks.

Administrator answers:

A website that might help you is – they list classifieds at below market value prices

James asks…

low income apartments rent?

My friend is living out of a hotel on welfare she has 16 days (welfare money) to find a place to rent and they will help her pay for rent. do you know of any websites or organizations in California that will help her.

she has a kid, her mom kicked her out.

Administrator answers:

The DHS office can point her in the right direction for the low income apartments. Hope this helps.

Carol asks…

Could i rent an apartment by making 694.99 a month?

Im 19 years old and im currently making 694.99 a month. Is it possible for me to rent a low income apartment ? I really want to move out of my town and I will do whatever it takes.

Administrator answers:

It is possible, but you have to factor in all other costs first (utilities, travel expenses, food, luxury items, etc.). Create a spreadsheet of your expenses and compare it to your income. Also, maybe try looking for a roomy, because that would significantly decrease your living costs.

Answer mine :) !


Mandy asks…

What do i need to know about applying for low income apartment?

i live in California, i work part time minimum wage..(8dph) sad i kno. i make about 300 every other week. i have a baby as well, im considered a single mom for i am not married but i am together with my sons father. he makes a lil more than i do, not that much. If we apply for a low income apartment what is needed to qualify…are there any risks for me in my future because of the low income rent? Because i am continuing with my education and pursuing a nursing degree whatever it takes, i just dont want the whole low income rent to effect it. Do i have to be married for us to qualify? any tips you guys give out for me would be much appreciated…i HATE living with my inlaws. thanx but no thnx u know :]

Administrator answers:

You will not qualify on multiple accounts. First, you can’t shack up, the father could not legally like with you. Secondly you do not work enough, you have to work 32 hours a week. Thirdly, you are not collecting child support from the babies father.

If you get married you both have to be working the 32 hours a week, which usually puts you over the income limit for 3 people.

Steven asks…

i have a 548 credit score can i apply at a low income aparment?

i live in banning california i make 1,500 a month and i have a 548 credit score but no evictions would i be approved for a apartment to rent or a low income apartment???

Administrator answers:

Having a rotten credit score and having low income are two totally different matters.

Guess it depends if you get approved for an apartment how hard up the landlord is to find a tenant. Also depends how much the rent is and how many bills you have.

Paul asks…

where do i find low income apartments for rent in south baltimore area?

baltimore city zip codes 21230 21223

Administrator answers:

Call the local HUD housing authority.


Richard asks…

apartment – low income?

hello! I was wondering what a income restricted housing is? and How I can apply for low income section 8 government assisted program?

I live with my parent and needs to rent an apartment even just a studio type. The apartment we are renting right now is good but the landlords wants us to move out due to income hardship.

Anyway, it’s really a bit horrible on our current apartment which is a studio type and very little for 2 people with not much space and roomy closet. They didn’t even remove the large sofa inside the apartment. Also, we are not allowed to have visitors due to tendencies of being loud and also we can’t use a heater since they pay for the utilities. Some of our mails also have been opened. So basically it sucks. What even sad is that I have lost my job and I am not able to help out pay the rent.

I would like to know how to apply for low income housing like the one from a friend of mine who have an in-law living in LA and paying only apartment of around 200 to 300 dollars which is quite low? I don’t know if this is real or not. And they also don’t pay for any utilities. I hope someone could help me out with my question; We’re really in need of new place to move. I hope nobody makes a bad remarks/comments. Thanks in advance.

Administrator answers:

You won’t qualify for low income housing. All adults need to be either employed or disabled. Low income because you are not workign does not count, as that is a personal life style choice.

Once you are working you apply at your local housing authority, IF they are accepting applications. Many are not. The waiting list varies from 2 to 9 years depending on the location. Most of the large cities are not accepting applications, Los Angeles being one of them/

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