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December 13, 2012

Helen asks…

I’m looking for an apartment and is having a really hard time. Is there any low income housing in chicago?

I’m looking for low income, subsidezed housing, section 8 programs, or any housing assistance that may provide first month rent or security deposit. It is very hard to locate any assistant in this city. If there is assistance available but right outside of Chicago, then please send that as well. I really need the assistance.

Administrator answers:

The city of Chicago is pricey when it comes to housing, check with the mayor’s office or with HUD Housing and urban developement office, and also check with real estate agents aside from selling homes some rent apartments. Good Luck.

Sandra asks…

Anybody can tell me is there any APARTMENT/other for rent that is lower then average?

I did found an apartment in San Jose, California that had low income offer that I was about to get. That is a new studio in downtown but now there is another personal coming in too. So I need 2 bedroom now and will pay max is $1,100, if anybody in San Jose that can tell me any apartment in downtown San Jose that have low income offer too. That will be great, thanks alot.

Administrator answers:

There are a couple of programs that I know of, that I think are in all 50 states. One of them is called tax credit apartments and then there is one called Section 8 housing. You can check your local Housing Authority Dept. They can tell you what programs are out there for low income housing.

Richard asks…

If i furrently live in a low income apartment and i owe back rent will that stop me from.getting section 8?

I didnt report my income for 5 months(not intentionally) in the low income apartment and now i owe for back rent and now im trying to get approved for section 8… will that effect me from getting section 8

Administrator answers:

Have you applied for Section 8 in the same building where you live now? What is the status of your application? If you dont pay the money you owe, it is up to the Housing Authority where you applied to decide. If you live in a low-income apartment now, why do you need a Sec 8 voucher?

Nancy asks…

Are there low income housing and apartments in los angeles?

We (Family of 4) have recently moved to LA. My husband is unemployed right now and I just had a baby. The rents are so high in LA. I need some information about rent control apartment and low income housing. where should I start searching? Please help me and tell me if there are any and where do I sign up for it?

Administrator answers:

There are, but you will not qualify with your husband not working. Both you and your husband have to work, and then be below 50% of median income to qualify. You will not qualify if you are low income because you want to be, you have to at least be working 32 hours a week for at least minimum wage.

William asks…

How much can fafsa help a 24 year old toward rent (low income)?

My buddy wants to go to school and work towards becoming a counciller or social worker but he is worried about being able to pay for an apartment. I told him that he will just keep working and split the rent with someone and fafsa money can go toward it if needed. He is 24 so he is considered an independent student so he will get good grants and a sizable subsidized loan regardless of estimated family contribution (it will no longer be a factor).

Is this all correct?

Administrator answers:

His eligibility for financial aid is based on his EFC still, but it’s based on his income, not his parents. Grants and loans alone are not sufficient for an adult to go to school AND pay for all living expenses. He will absolutely have to work while in school, though his excess loans can help with rent. How much he can get depends on how much he is actually awarded and the cost of attendance at his school. There are way too many factors to give someone an estimate.

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