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January 28, 2013

Sharon asks…

Can you guide me to Service Apartments or Fully Furnished Apartment with Kitchen in and around Malleshwaram.?

I would be staying in bangalore for a few months and I am looking at a service appartment with kitchen facility or a fully furnished studio or 1 bed room appartment in and around Malleshwaram or Gandhinagar.

Administrator answers:

Even i was also looking for property in Gandhinagar and following links helped me a lot and i easily browsed through properties according to my budget.You may also try may be it benefits you also

Donald asks…

What would be the best way about me looking for an apartment in Brooklyn?

I’m going to look for apartments next year would it be best for me to look through listings in an apartment guide or hire someone to show me the listings?

Administrator answers:

Well that depend on who you’re will to pay a month in rent. Check the links below.

Good luck
Native New Yorker

Lizzie asks…

want to know if anyone can guide me to the proper site to build a door to my down stairs apartment in my moms?

i need to know what supplies i need and the best way to build and to cover stair way also . I guess i am trying to say what would be the best design and to save money on it . my enterance to down stairs is open in to her dining room i need help to design something .

Administrator answers:

“Building” a door will not be cheap. Go to a Home Center and purchase a prehung door. This way all you need to do is remove the old door casing and install the new one. Stairs can be covered with the material of your choice including carpeting, tile or wood.

Sandra asks…

Sacramento Apartment Guide?

Any good online guides for Sacramento apartments?

Administrator answers:

You can find some good info about Sacramento apartments and restaurants on this website

William asks…

How much would I pay for a 1BR/2BR apartment in West End Vancouver?

I might be moving to Vancouver in March next year and I’m trying to see how much it costs – on average. I know it’s not cheap, so please don’t send me messages like “oh, it’s expensive”, please. Also, can you send a few suggestions as to where are some nice apartments in the West End area located. Plus, I’d appreciate a link to some apartment guide for the Vancouver area – if there’s such. Thanks a bunch!!!

Administrator answers:

$1000-$2000/month to rent. While the Vancouver Sun classifieds are useful, the best way to find an apartment in the West End is to walk the streets, and call each apartment you see a sign on. Many of the best (and cheapest) buildings in the West End don’t post ads anywhere. They just hang a sign out front.

I know that doesn’t help if you’re not in town, so you may have to make do. You can also try Craigslist, there are many postings, and while you obviously have to be cautious of a scam, there are many legit postings.

Betty asks…

LA Apartment Guide?

I’ll be looking for an apartment in Los Angeles. I’m not familiar with the area and all the websites I’ve found so far are difficult to get around/find actual apartment listings. Any good sites with links to apartment complex websites and area maps?

Administrator answers:

This website has a pretty good list of apartments and links to their websites and/or maps.

Sandy asks…

if anyone lives in jacksonville could you please tell me what website has the best apartment guide?

if you live in jacksonville florida and if you know someone who is renting a one bedroom, one bath house or apartment from 300 to 500 dollars please let me know or if anyone that lives in jacksonville, florida and knows a good website where they advertise cheap apartmets thank you so much for your help

Administrator answers:

I suggest, you can search by state and find the best deals.

Lisa asks…

Chicago Apartment Guide?

I’m looking for a website to list apartments in Chicago for rent.

Administrator answers:

Check out this website. They will list you for free, and include any info you provide about your apartments.

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