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June 3, 2012

Richard asks…

Whats a good Baltimore City apartment guide?

I need a good online guide to Baltimore City apartments – any good ones?

Administrator answers:

This is a good resource for Baltimore apartment info

James asks…

Can I get an apartment guide mailed to me from Provo, Utah?

I’m going to be moving to Utah next summer and I’d really like to have a guide/brochure mailed to me that lists apartments or houses to rent from the Provo area. Does anyone know how or where I can do this?

Administrator answers:

A better way to go might be to go to or You get listings by city and state with photos and current rental rates.

Sandra asks…

Where can I pick up an apartment guide?

Hotel, convenience store? I’m just guessing. Does anybody know for sure?

Administrator answers:

When I lived in Las Vegas they were at every bus stop. You can also go to the website. is also a good one.

Lisa asks…

Name of movie where young tour guide takes people in apartment building and they all breathe together ?

I saw a comedy movie AGES ago where, I believe, the young lead acts as a tour guide (maybe in NYC) and takes his customers into an apartment building and tells them to breathe in the atmosphere (or something like that). They all are taking deep breaths in unison on the stairway and alarm an apartment dweller who opens her door.

Administrator answers:

Is it “Joe’s Apartment?”

Daniel asks…

Is there a way of getting a free apartment guide on Salt Lake City Utah in Nebraska?

Administrator answers:

There are a few online websites that you can go to.

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