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Your Questions About Apartment Lease Agreement

September 21, 2012

Donna asks…

How does my young son get out of an apartment lease agreement to one he hasn’t moved in yet?

Our son signed a lease agreement with an apartment in Denton, TX with hopes of getting a student loan, and a job transfer with Best Buy in Burleson, Tx. The student loan did not get approved, and he doesn’t think it will, he has yet to move in to this apartment, and the mgr of the apartment called yesterday to let him know he is responsible for first and last months rent…a total of $1600.00! How can he legally deal with this situation?

Administrator answers:

He is liable if he is an adult, not if he is really a child, which you seem to be saying.

If he is a minor give the landlord a copy of his birth certificate and another ID to prove it.

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