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Your Questions About Apartment Lease Application

August 11, 2012

Lizzie asks…

What do I need to bring apartment lease application/signing?

References? – check.

I’m so excited and nervous! I’m taking over a lease for 6months, but this will be my 1st place! Am I missing anything on my list?

Administrator answers:

It depends on where you are moving, most landlords or management companies will not accept a personal check at the lease signing. They require “cleared funds” which means a certified check or bank draft or cash.

Most want a letter of employment which shows your salary and how long you have worked at the position. They will often want to see your last bank statement.

The best idea is to simply ask them what they require!

Michael asks…

Lying on an apartment application lease?

I recently moved to Tucson from Phoenix for a job. I have been terminated and my old job looks as if it will be opening up again and I may regain employment there. The thing is, I signed a fifteen month lease and am between a rock and a hard piece. If I stay I can’t afford the rent-eviction. Or I break the lease so I can have an income again. I have been here for three months, When applying for another apartment in Phoenix, can I tell them I have been living with a friend because breaking a lease looks bad.

Administrator answers:

If they check your credit they will see where you live now, all of your addresses are listed.

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