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Your Questions About Apartment Lease Break

June 8, 2013

Maria asks…

how do you break an apartment lease without owing money?

I have a job offer in another area & would like to relocate, however I have 2 months left on my lease. How do I break the lease without owing the apartment complex?

Administrator answers:

The only 2 possible options are either the landlord breaks a clause in the lease, or you *may* have an escape clause you cn use. This usually would let you find a suitable renter your landlord approves, which is allowed to continue your lease. You’d need to talk to your landlord to see what they will allow.

Other than that, you are legally bound by the lease, since it is a binding, termed contract. Since you only have 2 months left, you can only owe for 2 months rent plus the total of your deposit. You might see if your landlord would let you foriet your security deposit to clear up a month off of the 2 months.

Also, an important note, in most states, if you do not live in a residence for 12 months or longer, the landlord can charge for all damages, not just those beyond normal wear & tear. Something to keep in mind.

David asks…

Can I break my apartment lease in Ohio if I am buying a home?

My husband and I are currently renting an apartment and recently went under contract to buy our first home. Can we break our lease without penalty because we are buying a home?

Administrator answers:

No way, you willbe responsible for both your lease and your mortgage…good luck

Sharon asks…

Can I break my apartment lease after a break in?

About a month and a half ago I left my living room window unlocked, and some one came into my apartment and stole my laptop. My wife and I have been talking about moving because she doesn’t feel safe living here anymore. Will I be allowed to break my lease for this?

Administrator answers:

No. It doesn’t even matter that you left the window unlocked as the landlord isn’t responsible for crime in the area. If they were you’d only find apartments in the most pristine part of town.

You can always break your lease if you feel you need to, however you’re not going to be able to break it free and clear.

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