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Your Questions About Apartment Lease Example

October 19, 2012

Linda asks…

WHere can I find an example of a letter requesting the extension of an apartment lease?

Administrator answers:

Why do you need an example? Just write:
Dear Landlord,
I am hereby requesting an extension of my lease at _(address)_______, apt____ for __________months at the monthly rent of __________

Mandy asks…

What are concessions in terms of an apartment leasing?

What does concessions mean in terms of an apartment leasing? For example concession: $399 move in.

Administrator answers:

Something to watch out for: there may be wording in the lease that if you fail to do X (generally, rent for the entire term without late payments, etc.), you will have to repay the concessions. One least I was in gave 200 off the rent monthly as a concession, but if I decided to break the lease early, I would have had to pay them all the rent that hadn’t been paid due to the concession, on top of the break-lease fee.

Robert asks…

I am unemployed can i rent an apartment by paying for the lease up front.?

For example if an apartment complex has a lease for up to 3 months can I pay for it in full and move in?

Administrator answers:

Probably, just tell the company you want to do this and some (especially many small landlords) may let it happen. Bear in mind, however, that 3 months is a very short lease and maybe you can’t get a lease for less than 6 months or even a year.

Susan asks…

What is lost rent? for example if I have a lease till Oct 2012?

and leave in November 2011 will I have to pay all rent up to November 2011 to October 2012? or is “lost rent” only that rent which is till the end of the date of staying in the apartment (example Nov 28 2011)

Administrator answers:

If I’m not mistaking, lost rent would b the amount of rent that the landlord loses until he can re rent the unit. So the amount may vary. It could be rented the following month, or it may take several months to re rent the unit. You would owe for the time that the unit is not rented
But, by breaking the lease, you also forgo any deposit that was put down. And that amount is not deducted from the lost rent you will owe.

Richard asks…

If you have along time on your lease on a small apartment and you need to move into a larger one?

at the same complex, can you break your lease because you are moving into a higher rent apartment or are you stuck for the whole time. For example someone living in a one bedroom and they marry someone with children and need a larger place and don’t want their lease to determine their marriage date or anything.

Administrator answers:

Yes, most places will let you move in the same complex up to a bigger apartment while in a lease. It may extend your lease though… Just call the manager and ask what their policy is… Most places are happy to make more money off a bigger place.

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