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Your Questions About Apartment Lease Form

August 17, 2012

Ken asks…

Where can I get a free short form apartment lease for tenants?

a one page lease? for free, 6 pages is just too long for a lease

Administrator answers:

Assured shorthold tenancy, or what? Where are you?

No use directing you to the wrong form. Use the wrong form in some jurisdictions (England, San Francisco) and you risk sacrificing rights, and even having a statutory (“sitting”) tenant.

William asks…

If a roommate signs a form abandoning an apartment lease are they still liable for their share of the rent?

My roommate and I signed a years lease on an apartment in Texas. Three weeks into the lease they signed a form abandoning the lease. Are they still liable for their share of the rent?

Administrator answers:

Did you sign the form also? We are in Pennsylvania and laws vary from state to state, but, the only times that we are able to release roommates from responsibility to the lease is when all lease signers sign an addendum agreeing to modify the lease.

Jenny asks…

personal apartment lease form?

Administrator answers:

Type “apartment lease form” (including quotation marks) in Yahoo search box. The results will yield many free lease forms.

I hope this helps.

Paul asks…

Where can I find a lease form for an apartment?

I’m in the proccess of leasing my condo, but I don’t have the proper forms.

Administrator answers:

Most of the major office supply stores have them

you can also find some online

You need to make sure it complies with your state’s requirements

David asks…

Can I sign a short-term apartment lease for a friend who is visiting from another country?

I have a friend visiting from another country and will be staying here in the USA for 3 months.. we found an apartment that has a 3 month lease option… since he doesn’t have a SSN or whatever you need for a lease, can I sign the lease form for him to live there while I still live at my own home? or can you only sign a lease for a place that you personally live in??


Administrator answers:

Sure ….but then you’ll be the one who gets sued if the rent is not paid or if there is damage to the unit. Since it’s your lease…you’ll be totally responsible.

Your best bet is for your friend to speak directly with the land lord and for the two of them to work it out.

If your friend can’t find an apartment that is willing to rent to him directly, then he can rent a room at an extended stay hotel. These frequently have small kitchens in them. Additionally, it’s furnished and has laundry facilities on site.

Mary asks…

Apartment lease?

We have been approved for our apartment application and has been paid application and deposit fees. The property management told us we can come and sign the lease before/on the move-in date. If we sign the lease before move in date, doesn’t the property management have to give us the keys and everything, does it? Is there a difference between sign the lease and sign a certain form to get keys and everything? If it is yes, what is the purpose sign a lease in advance before move-in date? To secure the unit, so apartment management will guarantee it for us? By approving our application and taking our deposit, even we haven’t signed the lease, does it not mean apartment mgmt already hold the unit for us until the day we move-in? Thank you.

Administrator answers:

You need to sign the lease to have the aprtment legally yours. This reserves tha apartment and the landlord will get it ready for your move in date. You will have a walk thru and get the keys on your move in day.

If they were to wait until the move in day, you could not show up and foirfeit the deposit. The landlord would now have to find another tenant.

Joseph asks…

Where can i find a Michigan lease form?

I own a complex of apartments in Michigan and lost the original lease form we were using until now. I was wondering if anyone knew of a site where I could get a Michigan lease form for free or under $25. I don’t want to print different leases for different size apartments. I just want it to be the “fill in the blank” type. Any help would be awesome. Thanks!

Administrator answers:

Get a copy of your old one and just retype it on your computer. I’m quite certain one or more of your tenants probably have a copy handy.

Steven asks…

Where can I find a generic lease form for the state of Michigan?

I own a complex of apartments and I lost the original lease form I have been using. I was wondering if anybody knew of any reputable site where I can download one. Thanks!

Administrator answers:

Become a member of Apartment Association of Michigan

They have forms designed perfectly for Michigan Apartment owners that you can use. Better than Generic and Better image for your complex.

Plus you will get a lot of other advantages that more than make up for the cost of membership.

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