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May 23, 2012

Thomas asks…

Need Rental Lease agreement for apartment in India?


I’m looking for the exact verbiage that needs to go into the lease agreement. I have just shifted to a rented apartment and need to get the lease agreement drawn as my landlord is not in the country. I am not able to find any free agreements for download on the internet. If someone can point me to a link where I can download a PDF or word doc for the same it would be great.

my email ID is


Administrator answers:

Give your email id I can send you the format in the word

Ken asks…

Can I break my lease a few days before my lease expires?

I have a problem. I put in written notice at my apartment complex back on December 10, 2009, to a new male employee. The lease expires February 28, 2010. A month later, my husband stops in to the front for something and a female employee asked if we put in our notice. She said it was lost, and asked him to put it in again, so he did. My husband and I were under the impression that the notice was acceptable. The front took our notice, made a copy of it, put it in our folder, and said we were good to go. We found a new apartment and moved in on February 1st, 2010. We had one months free rent at the new place, so we properly continued to pay the rent at our other complex in full. February 2nd, we get a call from our new complex saying that the other place received, but lost our notice. When we called, the persons we originally gave notice to changed their story and said they never received it. The head manager there then said that they had it, but threw it away because it wasn’t good enough notice. They said if we wanted to avoid extra charges or from going month to month, we had to put in a new 60 day notice and pay an extra months and a half rent. We have a 2 year old and just had a baby, paying double rent is not an option. Upon calling corporate, the woman I spoke to did not seem to have any empathy for the situation that someone in the front office didn’t follow protocol or proper procedure. The complex and management company claims that giving notice means we were supposed to fill out a form that states we are moving out and to schedule a walk through. I learned later from Texas legal aid that this form is not mandatory and only by the tenants request. We showed them the lease and said we complied with it, and I was shown a small sentence that states after everything we had complied with that we must have a signature from a representative. No one told us when we put our notice in, twice now, and two different people, that we were supposed to fill out a move out form. The lease states written notice, nothing about their special form, and says nothing about a signature with the notice until a paragraph after the following steps had been met. Upon moving in, we were verbally told that written notice was acceptable. We feel like we are being taken advantage of and having to take the fall for an employees mistake. We would like to pay them nothing extra and not have to go to court, but we wanted to know if we could eat the reletting charge to get out of our lease for good! We only moved a few miles away. paragraph 37
I do have a copy of the first original given on Dec 10, 2009. I have spoken to two lawyers who told me not to pay them and that they think they are bluffing but I have had so much high stress over this id rather get them out of my life for good rather then go to court.

Administrator answers:

Did you keep a copy of the form or letter from either time that you gave notice? I’m thinking you might want to file in magistrate court for your security deposit. They will counter that you owe 1 1/2 months rent. Then you can plead your case before the magistrate and hopefully he will side with you since you gave notice twice. If you have copies of the notice it should help. If you don’t do anything then they will probably take you to court and you can plead your case then but my concern is that they will put a bad mark on your credit report. Also, if they file and for some reason you don’t get notice and don’t show up they automatically win. I’m thinking you might be better off to be pro-active by filing against them first. Please note – I am not a lawyer nor do I have any legal training. I am just telling you my opinion and what I would probably do.

Mandy asks…

Can I cancel ‘rental application and offer to lease’ in Canada?

To rent an apartment, I was sent ‘rental application and offer to lease‘ form by email which I have signed and sent them back. Before and after signing I repeatedly requested them the size, layout and the pictures of the apartment, which they haven’t provided (I am trying to rent an apartment online). Now they told me that my ‘application’ has been approved and I should sent deposit of first and last month rent.
Since I am not sure which apartment I am applying for renting can I withdraw my application without any legal binding? as it was just an application.
What I realized now that the application itself states lot of legal clauses just like in the application (
Please help me understand the situation.
Thank you!

Administrator answers:

It’s just an application and is not binding unless you accept the tenancy and send in a security deposit. Never ever rent online or rent an apartment that you have not seen. This scenario screams scam.

Chris asks…

What steps can i take when my apartment complex if failing to fulfill their advertisement for free wifi?

Im a student at UNLV and moved just right off campus. I work 25 hours a weak and 12 hours of class. So rightfully im bussy working nights and can only do homework late at night.

The reason i moved in here is they advertised free wifi. Ever since being here the wifi is only on about 50% of the time, and many times its not even working ALL night. My grades have been hurt because i can not complete assignments and it is too late to go to the schools computer labs.

Is there any retribution to this? They are clearly still advertising free wifi when it doesnt even work. It is a pain when you cant even google something much less download a pdf for a class.

Note that it is in the lease agreement and they are advertising it.

Administrator answers:

Communicate in writing via certified mail the problem. Give the property owner a chance to fix the problem.

If the problem goes unfixed then get a quote for high speed connection and tell your property owner you wish to renegotiate the rent because the free wifi doesn’t work often enough and you will have to incur an additional cost to gain access to the net.

Carol asks…

Can these people be charged with a crime? Misdemeanor?

About 4 months ago my husband was walking my dogs (both on leashes), and an irresponsible owner behind him dropped one of his dogs leashes. His dog ran and attacked my new puppy (9 month old rescue chihuahua, 5 lbs, very timid). The owner refused to give any information, but said he would pay the vet bill, which made no sense, since he wouldn’t even give his phone number or first name, or even agree to contact the office at the apartment complex. My dog had an open wound and was bleeding and squealing and my other dog was terrified, so my husband decided to go back to our apartment and prepare to go to the vets. Two days later we seen the owner’s wife walking the same dogs along the same route, so we asked her if she was aware of the situation, and she said “yes, but I’m not giving you any information.” We then called the manager (she had previously agreed to help resolve the situation), and she arrived a few minutes later. Later the manager refused to give any information to us, and refused information to an animal control officer. She even let us know that the other party had asked for an apology, and requested that we be ‘removed from the property.’ This whole situation is unbelievable. Can anyone is this situation be charged with anything? I would think causing damages and refusing to provide information would warrant some kind of action. I am not going to let this go. As soon as I move out of the apartment‘s (my husband refuses to move) I plan to take further action against them, but for now I would like something to happen to the other owners. The owners of the attacking dogs moved from the apartment complex before their lease was up.

I live in San Jose, California (santa clara county)
Local ordinances:

So far I have found that it is a misdemeanor to refuse or provide false information to an officer, but the way it reads I believe it is only applicable to an animal biting a person.

Administrator answers:

Possibly having a dangerous animal (which is usually specified to certain breeds that have a dangerous propensity, or if the owner knows that the dog is dangerous), but you have a civil law suit for sure. Your neighbor negligently let her dog (which is considered a chattel) hurt your dog (a chattel, aka personal property) So you definitely would have a trespass to chattel claim.

It would be difficult to charge your neighbor with a crime other than owning a dangerous animal, because crimes require a mental state, and you can’t charge a dog with a crime because they are not human.

Possibly there could be a crime of maintaining a public nuisance (but again, the owner would have to know the dog has bitten before because crimes require some type of mental state by a human). Or if it was intentional, it would be an intentional tort of trespass to chattel as opposed to negligence. But if the neighbor didn’t intentionally, or recklessly let a dangerous dog loose, it would be hard to charge the neighbor with a crime.

Some jurisdictions have strict liability in regards to dog attacks, (which are usually violations) so check on your local ordinances and statutes. Many states have a one bite rule, meaning that a dog gets one bite that hurts someone or something and then its dunzo.

**This is just general discussion. For legal advice, see a lawyer in the proper jurisdiction.

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