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Your Questions About Apartment Lease Transfer

August 12, 2013

Lizzie asks…

Can my parents transfer the lease to their apartment to me without a rent increase?

I’ve lived in an apartment with my parents for 14 years and they are getting senior housing soon. If i wish to continue living here should i contact the landlord and ask about getting the lease in my name? I am afraid he will raise the rent, my parents pay much less than new tenants because they’ve lived here for so long and i really can’t afford an increase. Should i tell them anything? or continue living here with the lease under my parents name and just pay the rent? Also if i transfer the lease should they ask for a new deposit? Thanks

Administrator answers:

The lease is not transferable. You will get your own lease, pay your own deposit and of course rent may be higher.

Sharon asks…

Lease transfer if not satisfied with apartment condition?

I recently moved into an apartment in USA that had cockroaches from day 1.They have not gone even after pest control.The leasing office says it’s not an ‘infestation’ and hence I cannot move to another apartment without paying a transfer fee. Is this correct? Arent they responsible to make sure that the house is in good condition when I move in? What can I do now?

Administrator answers:

Check your state and local landlord/tenant laws. Send any correspondence with the leasing office certified. You might be able to break your lease with this issue. With rentals, conditions vary from state to state.

Sandra asks…

What does, Including but not limited to voluntary or involuntary job transfer on an apartment lease?

Administrator answers:

Voluntary means you agree to move…like you find a better job and need to move to be closer to the job… Or involuntary means the move is beyond your control…like being in the service and they transfer you.

The rest that is stated around that will say whether you can break the lease or no. I’ll bet is says you cannot break the lease…voluntary or involuntary….

If so, you need to find out what you can do so that you don’t lose your deposit or get charged reletting fees and in some places they can accelerate the rent payments….meaning all the rent you agreed to pay for the year or term of lease will become due immediately.

It sounds like you are about to learn an expensive lesson in leases. Let me give you a bit of advice … Things to do before you sign a lease. Take it with you and read it from the beginning to the end. Write down questions about things you need to have clarified…ultimately it is your responsibility to understand your least…or things you don’t agree with. Leases are not written in stone and things can be changed and then both parties initial them…be sure you get a copy of that. If you think you might be transferred…don’t sign the lease and move on to a different place and a lease that suits your needs. Never sign a lease that says it can accelerate all rent due if you move. Things happen and that’s quite a debt to take on. Beware of reletting charges and fines for things you do or don’t do, what you may or may not do…could be as simple of you can’t BBQ on your balcony….You must read every word and understand everything….don’t assume anything.

Good luck with it all….

Michael asks…

Should I have to pay a transfer fee to move within my apartment complex if my lease is up?

My lease is up on April 1st. I want to move to another building in my apartment complex at the end of April. But my landlord says that I will have to pay a $350 transfer fee, and my original deposit on my apartment I currently live in will carry over to the new one. Why am I having to pay a transfer fee if my lease is up?

Administrator answers:

You are continuing your lease, as you are staying.

Steven asks…

I need to do a lease transfer so I can move out of my apartment. How can I find people who might want to move?

How can I find people who might want to move into my apartment so I can move out without paying the lease break? (Besides asking people in person)

Administrator answers:

First, if it is a great popular property, ask your leasing office.
That is what I did and within 2 days they found someone that would take my apartment if I moved out within 2 weeks.
If that doesn’t work, post an ad in your local newspaper and also print out some notices to put up in your local stores(if they have a bulletin board).

Paul asks…

My apartment lease has a clause for early termination for employment transfer.?

I was recently accepted to graduate school that is more than an hour away. Should this be enough to terminate under that clause?

Administrator answers:

Sounds legitimate.

Lisa asks…

Help? My lease is up on my apartment and I wanna transfer to a different unit within my complex.?

I was wondering will there be a fee associated with this, and if so does anyone know how much it will be around? I wanna renew my lease within the complex, but I don’t wanna stay in this apartment. I’m having a lot of issues, and maintenance can’t seem to rectify the problem.. Thanks for all answers in advance!
Well my lease is up at the end of the month. So renewal or new lease.. Doesn’t really matter. I just want out of this apt. And to the others I called the rental office today, and the manager wasn’t in. So I’ll have to call on monday. I was just trying to see if I COULD GET SOME ANSWERS BEFORE HAND

Administrator answers:

Only management/landlord can answer this question. Have you bothered to ask them?

Maria asks…

Transferring an apartment lease into someone else’s name?

My daughter, myself and my boyfriend currently have an apartment that we have had for about 6 months now. The lease is under my boyfriend’s mother’s name because we were under 18 when the lease was signed and we were going to try to transfer it to my name when I turned 18. I am now 18 and my boyfriend and I are fighting (most likely breaking up) and I would like the place for my daughter and I as we actually have an income and he doesn’t. Is it possible to get the lease transferred to my name? Will I need a co-signer?
Yes the apartment building owner’s know that she was not going to be the one living in the apartment and that we would be.

Administrator answers:

No transfer. The original lease is usually terminated and a new one made up with you on it.

Did the landlord know that your almost mother-in-law was not going to be the actual resident of the property. If not, the past fraud may make them reluctant to lease to you again.

John asks…

Gretting out of an apartment lease in Texas?

My fiance and I recently got job offers in Dallas but we live in Spring right now and our lease isn’t up until next July. We need to break the lease but can’t really afford the amount of money it’ll take to do so. Is there any way that you can get out of a lease legitimately without having to pay a huge fee. Our apartment complex does NOT allow subleasing (tried that) and we can’t transfer our lease to another property owned by the same company (tried that too… and it’s because we live in an “affordable housing community”). Does anyone know of any loopholes that could possibly get us out of here?

Administrator answers:

Your best solution is to speak frankly and honestly with the apartment owner/management. If the apartment maintains a “waiting list” or can easily re-rent your apartment, it’s likely that they would prefer to just keep your deposit as a “termination fee”, and make you pay for any lost revenue during the period beginning when you vacate and when a new renter takes possession of the apartment.

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